Tuesday, June 24, 2008


dulu masa kecik kecik aku ada kawan baik lelaki. Nama dia eddy lim see how. Muka dia sebijik macam chow sin chi. Tiap tiap petang gi main ngan dia. Men tembak tembak la. Lari lari la. Naik beskal pusing satu taman la. Main beskal time banjir la (dulu kawasan perumahan tu bila monsoon jek nanti banjir, air sampai pinggang) Kadang kadang men papan luncur. Tapi tak pandai sangat main. So nanti eddy akan suruh aku duduk atas papan luncur tu pastu dia tolak belakang aku. Dari rumah aku sampai lah rumah dia kat hujung tu. Best.


i hurt him and i really didn't mean to. he sent me a heartbreaking sms this morning asking if i'd go back to my 'past'. baby, it is a big NO! why would i wanna do that when i'm looking forward to move on with you. i've made my decision and i am not going back to the path where i can never find happiness in me. with you.. flowers bloom, birds chirp, i smile..all the time. You're the sweetest i've ever had. and i never feel doubtful to say that i love you so much Dzul Azwardi Shah.

p/s: i miss you =|

Monday, June 23, 2008


some things are not meant to be together forever. being with him for years, from nothing to something..we grew together. we went through the ups and downs together. there were hell moments but we came back on track, fixing up things to make it grew stronger and somehow at one point we failed. because at one point we started to realize that we've had enough and enough is enough. no matter how hard we tried to fix it, we cannot lie to our hearts and feelings of how we actually feel. living in denial for knowing the truth is even more heartbreaking. so with that, i am truly happy with the decision i have made. maybe some actions are worth doing and now that we both have started our new lives with someone new, there are more to look forward to...

Sunday, June 22, 2008


there are nights that i'll feel alone and miserable..longing to talk to you but accepting the fact that it is impossible to do so. and memories come, hurting me..making me feel even worst. and i'll start thinking..was i making the right decision? was i wise enough? people will tell me let bygones be bygones and there's no turning back now. yes, i definitely know that. it is obvious enough for me to realize that. but they don't know what i really feel deep down inside of me. the pain.. it is tearing me apart real bad.

Friday, June 20, 2008

.dia adalah cinta.

when my days are dark and grey..
you are my sunshine.
thank you my love,
for being next to me whenever i need
you the most.

.big sister little sister.

the trip to Bintulu was awesome. we had a crazy time singing all the way there and checking out the small towns and the people that we passed by. stopped by a small town named Bekenu and hit the market place. i bought some tudungs because they're selling 'em damn cheap!! and yeah, we also bought lots of kuih to munch during the journey =)
(pic taken in front of the hotel we stayed in Bintulu town)