Sunday, December 28, 2008

.rindu itu indah.

hari ini aku sangat rindukan encikLUZD. dia di fikiran ku dari saat aku terjaga dari tidur pagi tadi hingga lah sekarang. aku tidak sabar untuk pulang. aku mahu bertemu dengan dia. aku mahu menatap wajah itu sebelum aku pergi lagi.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

.friday, im in love.

beautiful things keep happening around me for the past few weeks. friends get promoted, friends getting married, friends going on vacations, friends are going to be mothers and fathers, friends losing weight due to proper diet, friends getting engaged...and more. wow, hidup ini sangat indah.

there is no other way to feel about these but happy. yes, i am so happy for my friends (sometimes envy too. haha)

anway, today was a busy day. went out to have lunch at Suria KLCC with Thanny who is my very very hardworking and efficient-at-job insurance agent. it was very crowded there like everyone in the city semua pegi sana. ceh. Marks and Spencer's big sale drove people crazy made the store like pasar borong. passed by Vincci and was very surprised because i couldnt see the shoes because too many people swarming the store. even men! i didnt really go for a tour around or window shopping or really shopping because merimaskan plus i was there just to have lunch with Thanny. so after lunch and updating my account and being explained of whats it and whats not, i went back with Ariati who came to pick me up because we had planned earlier to meet up regarding Herbalife. hehe.

so, once reached my house, she started to do her job and explained about the losing weight program. okay, i am on a program now. NO. not now. i might probably start tomorrow. just wanna give it a shot since six of the people that i know who are on this program managed to lose weight and got the ideal weight they've been dreaming of.

when all were done, we went to this KK shop at Ampang because Ariati wanted to buy some stuffs for her friend's baby shower and we also went to Buy Sell Trade because it was just next door to KK shop. i bought a Claytan tea set which is still new and in good condition. just for RM19. oh, and also small colorful baskets at KK shop. 3 for RM10. thought nak letak eggs, garlic and onions. hehe.

then, had dinner with Ainal and Nadia and their baby Salma Yelena at Bora Ombak. it was fun though Salma merengek nak being fed but her mama nak makan. aiseh. and i managed to sell all the Terengganu silk (kain pasang) which i brought from Terengganu the other day. business kain la pulak.

that was today. tomorrow awaits with more things to do.

p/s: adi, i miss you...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

.go away fever.

fever, fever, go away...
leave me alone,

.friends, help me.

currently im in KL. not really enjoying myself here due to still feeling sick and demam every night. i know there is something wrong about it but im not really in the mood to go see the doctor.

yesterday was the registration day for masters program at UKM. so far so good. not sure when the classes will start. maybe January. hmm... just cant wait for this to begin and end...

after the registration at UKM, went to acik's place and she asked me to accompany her to go shopping at IKEA. had so much fun shopping because most things are on sale. people were like crazy buying stuffs for their houses spashly those who celebrate christmas. i bought some stuffs for the house in Dungun. hmm... miss my home sweet home. cant wait to go backkkkk!!!

...i miss him too =(

well, been planning to meet some friends here but then agak leceh because my brother is using the car most of the time. so agak susah lah nak ke mana mana. thought of nak ajak Dana pegi kedai buku kat CM but havent talked to her about it yet. hmm..

i want to go out and hang out with friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

.pak guard UiTM Dungun.

i woke up feeling much much better this morning and i hope it stays the same til forever!!! haha. hate being sick when my mother is not around. or him not around. it makes me even sicker.

well, drove to UiTM today feeling normal. listened to not-my-favourite songs on my way. talked to him on the phone while driving. hmm..

so when i reached the back entrance of UiTM, as usual i will wave to the security guards or best known as 'pak guard'. and after a few metres ahead, i started to notice. pak guard-pak guard sekalian ni, bukan je keje diorang menjaga keselamatan UiTM malah mengangkat tangan setiap kali ade kereta keluar masuk pagar UiTM. kadang kadang, while they tengah meronda pun they will still sempat nak angkat tangan bila berselisih. hehehe. okay, i think not just UiTM nye pak guard but almost semua pak guard lah di mana mana pun.

and kat UiTM Dungun ni ada satu pak guard tu i think muka dia cam semut. ehhehehe. cute. and another one is sooooo like James Bond. masih muda dan segak. selalu memakai aviation sunglasses. cool.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

.this girl is sick.

i woke up yesterday with a heavy headache. my throat ached badly i was not in the mood to talk at all. i felt really sick. in fact i still am until now. a meeting with the doctor is never my favourite but i had to yesterday morning.

me : saya sakit kepala and tekak. bangun pagi rasa tak sedap badan. (mimik muka macam orang sengal)

Dr. Ruzita : sejak bila rasa macam ni? (sambil check my body temperature dan tekak) say

me : sejak pagi tadi.

Dr. Ruzita : jangkitan virus kat tekak. tonsils tak bengkak. demam pun tak. saya bagi ubat sakit tekak. ubat demam ngan antibiotik nak tak?

me : boleh je. kalo demam tak yah datang agi.

Dr. Ruzita : okay (sambil menulis preskripsi ubat di kad)

me : thank you doctor.

dan malam tadi sangkaan ku meleset. aku ingat aku takkan demam but body temperature increased. nasib baik ade electronic thermometer so i was able to check by myself at home. slept quite early last nite after taking the pills.

and this morning i woke up feeling much better but sore throat remains the same. went to UiTM for a while and then headed to Pasar Dungun. needed to buy Minyak Pak Ali for mama ani who is in KL. she said it is for the baby so dia kirim lah since im going to KL this weekend. on my way back home, stopped by gerai nearby my house to buy some breakfast (nasi air). sedap but then the aching throat is torturing me real bad. i could only eat a little bit. and since 30 minutes ago, the fever has come back again.

Monday, December 15, 2008

.cinta kami.

now that we have moved one step forward, aku sangat teruja. adi membuatkan hari hari ku indah. he's all that i need and want and i will never hurt him in any ways. though it is still a long way to go... i believe in our love and i just can't wait to be with him. to grow old with him.

dzul azwardi shah bin abdul aziz,

thank you.

aku shenta kamu.

.Twilight Movie.

we watched Twilight last weekend.

well...up to today, movie ini antara yang TERBAIK yang pernah ku tontoni.
1. vampires are really cool and hot
2. Edward Cullen (Rob Pattinson) = desirable!!

Lessons learned:

1. Love is unconditional.
2. To love is to take risks. No matter what the risks are, you will never regret your choice.

Friday, December 12, 2008

.majlis merisik.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

. + + + .

cheez choc + apple crumble slice + what happens in vegas movie + raining heavily + me + him = today is a wonderful day!