Friday, February 27, 2009

.sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga Part I.

i woke up this morning feeling miserable. especially when having the thoughts that i was not ready for the presentation today (critical reading which we have to analyze any articles, journals or proceedings and critique!). after wondering of what i should do first, i called Pijat asking stupid questions like "Jat, mung wak doh article review tuh?", "Jat, wak gane ek? aku blur". really, at that particular point of time, i thought i was the dumbest person on earth. having a tesl degree, currently doing master in tesl, and yet i was clueless of how to write an article review.

i wanted to scream or yell or continue my sweet slumber, but i quickly realized my responsibility.

so i started to read the article over and over again. seriously, i was not ready for the presentation today. i panicked but remained calm. only god knows how i terrible i felt inside.

after lunch with beloved family, i rushed to UKM. i wasnt speeding at all because the road was wet and cars crawling slow. i was cautious until i bumped into a Gen-2 at Bangi Toll. shit. this time, thank god i was not panicked at all. all i wanted to do was to settle down what should be done and leave ASAP for the presentation (that mattered most at that time). Alhamdullillah only little scratch at the bumper of my dad's volvo but the Gen-2's car plate (car plate ke panggilnye?) pieces. oh, forgot to mention that the driver was a male. young and seemed sophisticated. looks? dont ask, not handsome enough for me to remember!

anyway, he didnt come out when i bumped into the back of his car. i guessed he was in total shocked because when i went to his car, knocked on the window and told him (here goes the conversation)

me : encik, saya langgar kete encik ni (dengan tenangnya aku melafazkan kata kata itu)
him : tu lah. saya pun terkejut ni (he's shaking man!)
me : saya mintak maaf encik. saya tak nampak tadi. ni plet pecah ni. nak saya bayar tak? (dengan muka tak bersalah)
him : takde pape ni (sambil membelek belek bontot Gen-2 nya). takpe lah, plet je ni.
me : betol ke ni takde pape. kalo nak saya bayar plet ni saya bayar. tapi skang saya nak cepat sebab ade kelas kat UKM so amik no tefon saye je lah. nanti pape bgtahu saye ek. (the biggest mistake i did)
him : ok, takpe. ni takde pape ni (sambil mengeluarkan telipon nak amik no tepon aku)

and i gave him my number and he passed me his name card with a shaky hand (haih? terkejut lagi ke mamat nih? aku tertanya tanya). anyway he is a pengurus perkhidmatan pelanggan at a consultancy company (from what i read at the name card).

1 hour later he started to sms me how i was doing and mentioned that there was nothing to worry about his car that he already fixed what was necessary. i was relieved but later macam rimas la pulak when he kept on sms-ing nak make me his new friend lah, asked me where im staying lah, whether im a Ms or Mrs lah.

thats what i meant with the biggest mistake i did

Monday, February 23, 2009

.they say ignorant is bliss.

sometimes i wonder,
why men could be so ignorant.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

.bantal busuk dan botol susu.

kenangan aku dan bantal busuk kesayangan:

1. bantal tu tidak sekali kali bleh ditinggalkan sebab papa aku cakap nanti aku meraung raung sepanjang perjalanan.

2. mama aku berkali kali mencuba untuk tukar sarung bantal tu tapi tak berjaya. aku nak yang original gak.

3. bantal tu temanku di waktu waktu tidur dan ketika menghisap botol.

4. seperti yang dapat dilihat di dalam gambar, itu posisi wajib bantal itu. misti duk kat pipi tu.

5. bantal tu tak boleh dicuci. sangat tak boleh sebab aku sangat memerlukan bau bau masam yang melekat kat situ.

6. original color is pink. tapi lama lama dah jadi very very very light pink.

7. parents aku pernah membeli bantal baru yang lain yang lebih kurang sama gak tapi aku tetap mahukan yang asal. yang baru, tidak pernah dipedulikan.

8. hari demi hari, tahun demi tahun, bantal tu da shrink.

9. bantal itu masih di dalam simpanan hingga hari ini.

10. sekali sekala aku akan buka almari nak tengok bantal tu. sentuh sentuh sket. pastu senyum sorang sorang.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


ok, so i have finally started to create a facebook account which i really have no idea at all how to use it. lame. everytime i sign in, i'll be clueless looking at so many words and pics and people saying this and that and doing this and that and it's weird. so after staring at the page blankly, idealess, oh, i only know how to write the post, something like suriana is bla bla bla and i will sign out.

thank you.

p/s: add me. i guess approving a friend's request is not that hard.

.how do u like my new template?.

i have changed my template again. it's lovely i couldnt resist not making it my own template.

anway, life's been a bit organized for the past few days. that's because i've planned all my lessons and 'things-to-do' accordingly. what frustrates me the most is, i still cant remember the names of the students in my classes. i remember some but not all. huh.

oh, and i have a Dan Humphrey in one of my classes. really. if only i could take a photo of his, i'd show u all. physically, he is so 80% Dan Humphrey. at times i would think that he really watches GossipGirl because he dresses the same way as Dan! the sling bag, the jacket, the smile. damn!. hmm...

so i received Jet's wedding invitation today. the card is simple but sophisticated i'd say. cant wait to attend her wedding. but still havent bought the wed gift!!!! sempat agi nih.

one of my fish died last nite. poor thing. he (i guess) had white spot disease. RIP.

i think my mama just knew how to mms. she excitedly sent me a photo of her and my dad.

Jajat is sleeping over at my place tonight. yayy!

i miss my encikluzd.

Friday, February 13, 2009

.am i his true love?.


last nite i had the strangest dream about him. this morning i woke up with a heavy heart. called him and told him about the dream. all he could say... 'it was just a dream'.

talked to him again and popped out one stupid question that has changed my mood of the day.
'if both of us ever get married and one day i die, are you going to have a replacement of me?' (pathetic)

for a moment he was quiet. and i was nervous waiting for the damn answer. i dont know what i was expecting. maybe the best of it.

and finally he said '..i dont know.'

my heart broke. to pieces. i guess i should've expected the worst.

and now im having doubts. am i his true love?


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

.i miss you so much.

jam sepuluh tiga puluh empat malam, tanggal tiga puluh haribulan Januari tahun dua ribu sembilan, my late grandmother left me for good. however she remains in my heart forever.

nek, Suya rindu nenek...

.a picture of arwah nenek and ashman.

Monday, February 2, 2009

.KL the other day.

Goodbye January. Welcome February. Hopefully life will be much better onwards.

since the past two weeks, my life has been driving me really crazy. notice the most common thing about my blog entries? i always talk about my crazy hectic life over and over again. ha ha. anyway, my family, encikluzd and i went to Malacca on Chinese New Year. it was fun but most of the shops were closed. Acong and Kila also came so on the first night we went to makan makan at Umbai. it was one hell of a night. we were really tired and were very very full of seafood. aiseh. Acong and Kila went back to Shah Alam right away that night because they couldnt find a place to check-in. encikluzd and i went back to the motel where my family was staying. on the next day we went to Butterfly Park and had a great deal of time there. he he. after that terus balek because nak pergi Bangi to see nenek.

oh. and i finally bought the PSP. yayy!

in KL. nothing much because most of the shops were still closed. see who's dominating most of the businesses in Malaysia? yeap, the Chinese. it is very obvious. went to have dinner at Chili's KLCC with encikluzd since he never dined in there before. he enjoyed his dinner and we had a great time playing the dating game there =)

on the next day pergi MidValley MegaMall pulak. did some shopping at DP and Borders. handbag and books. not really books. comics. Calvin and Hobbes. cant live without them. encikluzd ikut je but refuse to shop. huhu. then we went to have dinner and chillin' at Bora Ombak Ampang with Acong, Kila and Kelong.

it was fun.