Tuesday, February 17, 2009

.how do u like my new template?.

i have changed my template again. it's lovely i couldnt resist not making it my own template.

anway, life's been a bit organized for the past few days. that's because i've planned all my lessons and 'things-to-do' accordingly. what frustrates me the most is, i still cant remember the names of the students in my classes. i remember some but not all. huh.

oh, and i have a Dan Humphrey in one of my classes. really. if only i could take a photo of his, i'd show u all. physically, he is so 80% Dan Humphrey. at times i would think that he really watches GossipGirl because he dresses the same way as Dan! the sling bag, the jacket, the smile. damn!. hmm...

so i received Jet's wedding invitation today. the card is simple but sophisticated i'd say. cant wait to attend her wedding. but still havent bought the wed gift!!!! sempat agi nih.

one of my fish died last nite. poor thing. he (i guess) had white spot disease. RIP.

i think my mama just knew how to mms. she excitedly sent me a photo of her and my dad.

Jajat is sleeping over at my place tonight. yayy!

i miss my encikluzd.


Beautiful^Devil said...

mmmuuaahhh... love it so much!!

n.h.r.h said...

cool template... afta d whole nite huh