Thursday, April 30, 2009

.Hana and her pink shoes.

this is Hana. we used to be room mates long long time ago (seriously, i miss those days). she's a darling and an amazing friend. when im with her, she always brings out the best in me.

and these days, i really miss hangin' out with her.

....and this is her shoes. i really love her shoes. REALLY. anyone who knows where to get this kind of shoes please please please let me know k. hik hik hik...

p/s: hana, i curi these pics from ur blog cuz i tak tau how to do the link. sorry k. hope u dont mind.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

.i melt with you.

on my birthday last few weeks encikluzd sent me an e-card. with this note that melts me every time i read it:


dzul azwardi has sent you the following ecard::

Happy birthday to someone special

dzul also included this message:
Among so many people born on this day, YOU stand out. I love YOU....

plus he sending me the e-card pun was really unsangkarable. hik hik.. never thought of it until i checked my email 2 days ago.

thank you love.

Monday, April 27, 2009

.truly madly deeply in love.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the summary of what we did during the weekend.

1. surveyed some wedding stuffs at Nilai 3. too hot we only spent 2 hours there then headed back to KL.

2. reached KL and had lunch with Mama at Naili's Ampang.

3. lewat petang went to OU to hang out with Kelong and Amish. while they were havin dinner..

4. jalan jalan. i bought a blazer at Dorothy Perkins. IT WAS ON SALE!! irresistable.

5. encikluzd was also looking for a pair of jeans. tried Topman and Pull & Bear but tak beli pun. he said 'next time'.

6. berchenta at Chocolate Lounge =)

7. kelong and amish came. went for movie. Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

8. after movie, Amish went back to Shah Alam. Kelong, encikluzd and i went to hang out with Acong and Kila at SS2. had supper.

9. Sunday: went to Semua House. bought some stuffs. no, a lot of stuffs. huhu.

10. lepak umah.

11. off to Dungun at 11pm.

Friday, April 17, 2009

...malam ni dia sampai. aku tak sabar.
menghitung waktu waktu ketibaannya.
weekend ni nak tengok movies. notice the 's'?
hik hik hik..

encikluzd, aku tunggu...

.some people told us 'ni dugaan before kawen..'

i was playing Patapon game on my PSP when my cellphone rang the other morning. encikluzd calling (i knew it was him from the ringtone). somehow the instinct was telling me that it's a bad news. i answered the phone.

'yang...saya eksideng.'

i felt the sky falling down on me but i tried not to panic. it was his voice that indicated me he was okay. he briefly told me what happened. alhamdullillah, he's fine but i think he's still a little bit shocked from the tragedy. lucky i was in Kuantan on that day. so i went to be with him at the police station and then to the workshop and dinner together with my mom and her friend. then, we sent him home.

some people told us 'ni dugaan before kawen..'

and this has also made us realized of so many things we were not aware of before.

and i this has also made me love him more.

and tanak marah marah dia agi. sayang dia banyokkk.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

hari ini sakit perut yang melampau. tertekan yang amat. ape lah yang aku makan semalam. aiseh.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

.welcome to the world.

Iman Rania Binti Kamrul Anuar

23 mac 2009
5.50 pm
3.3 kg

.weekend yang lalu.

too many things happened last weekend.

1. my great-grandmother was admitted to the hospital. gastritis. alhamdullillah she's fine now though still refusing to eat. hmm..

2. mama and my aunty (acik) came to Dungun to visit Nyang so they stayed over at my place. sangat best because da lama takde orang datang umah except for Pijat. hehe.

3. went to KT to meet my dearest encikluzd and we went venue hunting =)

4. had 'the' discussion with encikluzd's parents and confirmation of the 'date'.

5. car broke down as i drove out of encikluzd's house. huhu. malunye ngan his family. lucky, his father was kind enough to send the car to the workshop the next day. so i went back to Dungun with encikluzd that nite as he was going back to Kuantan pun.

6. met Elli's baby Rania. she's very adobrable and beautiful. both mummy and baby are healthy and fine. alhamdullillah. and elli really glows. congratulations to both proud mama Elli and papa K

okay. itu saja.