Sunday, May 31, 2009

.day out with mama.

thought of havin the day to really rest at home since the outing with future PIL really tires me out (is there such word?) but mom woke up me very early this morning asking me to accompany her to Ampang Park. she wanted to exchange the blouse she bought because it was kinda big for her. i have no idea why she didnt try it properly the other day when she bought it. the things about my mum are that she is very clumsy and blur. and those happen most of the time.

and i always get the same impressions from friends especially. so dont blame me, u should know i got this from my mom =)

so i happily (tried hard to) drove her to Ampang Park to find out that the stall was closed already. and she stood there cluelessly not knowing what to do. she was lost in her own mind. alhamdullillah when she finally got her mind back to herself, she asked the salesgirl of the next-door-stall of the whereabouts. they have moved to The Mall.

so off we went to The Mall. found the stall, she made the exchange and she excitedly walked into Parkson while pulling my hand as a sign to follow her. she said she wanted to just survey some day cream at Estee Lauder's counter. notice the word survey. and she finally happily spent rm215 there. i just knew it.

the 2 hours spent in Parkson made me pulled out RM300 from my purse. couldnt help it. and with my mom around givin me positive encouragement...i just couldnt help it.

and much to my surprise, she even bought a shirt for his future son-in-law. she said it'll look nice on him. that's a good sign isnt it. he's lucky, my family members love him.

later we went to Sayang You at Semua House to buy some stuffs. got them at a very good bargain. yayy!!

went back home with full of stuffs in the car boot and less money in the purse. aiseh...

~i love you mama

.the days with future PIL.

the two days outing with future PIL were great though some things were not done as according to the plans. their two adorable grand-kids (encikluzd's niece and nephew) were around too. they call me 'cik suya'. i was amused at first, having the thoughts of my discussion with encikluzd some time ago about what i will be called once i join the family. his family members and relatives call him 'ayoh chik' and we used to imagine they'll call me something like 'mokcik, aunty suya etc (there are more but i cant remember already). so now i guess i will be called 'cik suya' which is much better than 'mokcik'.

we went to Nilai 3 right away after i picked them up from KLIA. his mother bought some stuffs at some shops. didnt spend much time there because the two kids were uncomfortable with the hot weather. made them moody and sleepy. once done we went to Klang right away and i spent some time at his aunty's house- cik am. she's a very nice person, talks a lot, very particular about the cleanliness of her house and i noticed that sometimes when she made faces, she resembles encikluzd. well, they're closely related. anyway, i ate a lot at her place because she kept asking me to eat whatever food served on the table.

and yesterday we went to Sentul (his uncle's house). visiting them as they're going to perform their Umrah tomorrow. then, Jalan Tar and Saujana Utama at Sg. Buloh to attend a 'doa selamat' ceremony. i sent them back to Klang after that and again hung out at Cik am's place til 9pm.

it was more like pre-introducing me to the family members because most of them were like..
' la tunang adi', 'tunang adi ke?' and after some time 'bila nya kiteorang nak balek kampung ni?', 'cadangnya bila?', 'da banyak prepare?' and the best part was his mum's- 'adi tu ade duit dop tuh?'

oh, and i suck in Klang. and not to forget, PJ too. misti sesat. dem! hate those places. huhu.

hmm...i miss encikluzd badly and wish he's around so we can go out together with his family members. it will be more fun if he's around. sometimes i feel awkward going out with his family members and he's not around but at times i feel blessed because they treat me like a family member already. and his mother is actually really cool (and his father rocks!)l and i assume that she trusts me that she has told me a lot of things about the family... and most importantly, about him =)

it's blissful. i just cant wait for the day...

Friday, May 29, 2009

i just arrived home sweet home in Ampang. it is 3.40 in the morning and i am still not sleeping. tried hard to but keep on failing.

tomorrow is a very important day. future parents-in-laws are coming to KL.

i will be picking them up at KLIA tomorrow and as planned with future MIL, we will go to Nilai 3 right away. once done there, i will be sending them to Klang because they will be staying at a relative's house somewhere in Klang.

i am kinda excited but nervous at the same time. encikluzd will not be around as he has to work during the weekend. very frustrating because i think i really need him around. i guess he's also frustrated for not being able to come to KL as he had made some plans before. (it's okay, maybe some other time k adi cayam)

anyway, i have also thought of buying the fabrics for the bridesmaids, best man and the MCs (baby and riffy) and also some other stuffs for the decorations of the doorgifts.

i have no idea how long i will be in KL this time. my mom is here. my father will be coming on Sunday. and some time during their stay here in Peninsular Malaysia (i have to say this because they're currently staying in Miri, Sarawak), they will have to go to KT to see the venue of my wedding reception and do some discussions and negotiations and pay for the booking etc.

i hope everything will go as according to the plan though there is no proper planning being done.

at times, i really wish that i am more organized. for my own sake.

~my car broke down again =(

Monday, May 25, 2009

.things we share.

finally, we have booked our honeymoon trip last weekend at the travel fair cuti-cuti malaysia held in Kuantan. insyaallah it is going to be the Langkawi Island. we decided on this package that includes the places that we want to go and the activities that we want to do. senang kan (actually we kinda edited the package so that it suits us). and apart from that, we also got some tokens like a cap, keychains, buttons, pens, cardholder etc from the organizers. cool. i love free gifts. hik hik.

it was not really difficult dealing about this honeymoon thingy with encikluzd because we both share the same idea of going to the beach. since that the east coast will be on monsoon season during the end of the year, we decided on the Langkawi Island. after all, ive been thinking of eyeing on some dinnerwares or watsoever pinggan mangkuk like Corelle or CorningWare or Pyrex etc because as far as i know, if we stay there more than two nights, we will not be taxed!! plus it's cheaper there as compared to here. hmm..hopefully he doesnt mind about this =)

oh,'s supposed to be a honeymoon trip. not a shopping trip, rite?

and we have also decided to design our wedding invitation card. but he's more excited of this and has been working on it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

.something i should do.

this morning i figured out that there's something that i should do to motivate me to lose weight.

put up pictures of all those skinny brides from the mags on the wall of my house.

so every time i see the pictures, most probably i'll stop eating like a monster.

hik hik..

im getting married. i need to lose some more weight. i dont wanna look bigger than him.

again, wish me luck.

.i need help here.

sangat tensen bila diberi kerja last minute dan bila orang tak cooperate nak buat kerja. aiseh. been wasting my time for 3 damn days waiting and waiting and waiting for the information... it should have been done by today but sangat frustrating that i have to spend another day working on the damn report.

so now im stuck at the office doing nothing but chatting with zaza and kak jue. lucky me to have someone to talk to or else i'll be bored to death.



Tuesday, May 19, 2009


i miss him...badly =(

Sunday, May 17, 2009

.Mini Zoo at Kemaman.

*suya and encikluzd*

*tell me im bigger than him..*

so these are some photos of today's outing to the Mini Zoo at Kemaman. frankly speaking, it is a working day but since there was nothing to do after the meeting in the morning, we decided to go to the zoo. and since my dear encikluzd was in Dungun, he followed us as well.

the zoo is still new so dont expect too much of it. plus it is a mini zoo. first stop was the elephant. check out the photos and you can see we were freaking out because the elephants' trunks were moving up and down and the ears flapping that we could feel the gust of wind coming from behind. ha ha. and notice that i was standing in front of the elephants like im in the middle of singing the Negaraku song while my head was imagining im being kicked out of this world by the elephant's gigantic legs. eeuuww!! anyway, encikluzd was brave and lucky enough to get to touch the tusks. pijat took the longest time thinking whether she wants to be taken a photo with the elephants. hehehe. i guess liza and nurul were pretending hugging each other in order to make sure none of them will run away in the middle of photo snapping. ahahaha.

we had a whole lot of fun though the weather was quite hot and we were sweating like hell.

p/s: i apologize for not uploading photos with other animals. sangat malas nak upload. plus, i think the elephants je interesting. oh, and the honey bear pun sangat cute but the photos are a bit blur so malas nak upload.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

.by clarks.

since i was craving for hana's pink shoes lovely day he came to see me with this...

thank you love..

.me and the darlings.

*baby nina*

*baby hanina*

*baby roizkamal*

*baby rania*

*baby rania*

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

.the wedding ticker.

so i have decided to get a ticker for my wedding countdown. i like it so much. and it really helps in reminding me of how many days have left for the wedding and the fact that there are still so many things to do. huhu...

and i got one at the desktop as well. once i turn on the laptop, it'll be there to remind me. hik hik..

go sUYA!!

.May 2nd 2009.

today is Tuesday. and today is a work day but im at home lazing around like a very lazy person. hmm...thinking of it again, im not really lazing around. been doing some house chores like washing the clothes that have been in the laundry basket for weeks!, washed the dishes of last nite, cleaned up the kitchen and reorganized my wardrobe.

i am supposed to be at work but since there's nothing much to do at the office, i prefer to work at home - marking the exam papers and need to fill in some forms. duhh!!

anyway, last weekend was a blast. it was encikluzd's birthday on May 2nd and we had a whole lot of fun watching movie- Wolverine and makan makan and jalan jalan and borak borak and laughing and etc..

so i gave him a pair of work/casual shoes from Skechers since his work shoes is all torn out. and he loves it. yayyy!!

HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY dear encikluzd
aku chenta kamu.


p/s: there were some photos taken but will be uploaded SOON.

Monday, May 4, 2009


i am heartbroken.

thank you.