Monday, June 29, 2009

.the dream guy that never existed.

the other day he hurt my feelings. badly.
and made me realized that in my case,
it is impossible to find my dream guy. ever.
i guess most guys are just the same. MOST. not all.
at the end of the day, a guy friend finally told me, 'most guys are like that'.
well, what more can i say.
cured the pain caused and face the fact.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

.our Hannah Montana day.

while waiting for the show...

and yeahhh...

well, she has the best of both worlds.

p/s: went back and downloaded the soundtracks right away =)

.Pesta Malam Indonesia 3.

.the day we had so much fun at Pavillion.

.he's my hero.

oh, finally i'm back.

firstly, before it's TOO late, Happy Father's Day.
i love you papa.
you're always my hero.

Friday, June 12, 2009

.counting the days.

he's counting days.
me counting days.
3 more days to go till we meet.
i just cant wait.
i miss him so much it hurts badly =(

Monday, June 8, 2009

.joy and fun at the fun fair.

.me and baby sister being silly.

one fine day while i was having dinner with my darling sister (baby), we had this conversation

baby: kak, bakpe bila kita makan, kat most shops, we will pay later like after we eat. very rarely we pay before we eat unless we go to mcd or kfc or wateva lah

me: dop tahu gop. maybe it is like that since ever. haha.

(we laughed like hell)

baby: then, lets say, if kita tengah makan then suddenly we choke or something like that then we die. so kita dakyoh bayor ah for the food tuh?

me: i guess so. kot. ada ke?

(confused. then laugh like hell again)

i have no idea why that conversation really amused me. amused us. really.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

.aku pun cair bila tengok men in suit.

the short trip to KT can be considered as satisfying because most things were done as planned. met the person in charged for the wedding hall, had the discussion and negotiation and left with a contented feeling. also, went to see Zol the wedding planner and checked out his works (considering but still want to check out others). getting bored of talking about all these wedding preps. huhu...

oh, anyway hana, yeah men in suit pun bleh wat i cair... especially this man

so everytime i pass by dunhill boutique, i'll stand there looking at him for a while with my knees shaking and me melting... hahaha..

.bila dia rindu.

dia kata: saya rindu awop... bila nop balek?
so today our parents met again. the last time was during the 'merisik/tunang' ceremony last year. they had the 'discussion' and decided to change the date. solemnization and my reception will be on 21st November 2009 while 'bertandang' will be on the next day which is on 22nd November 2009. the date is confirmed, insyaallah.

and tonite, my family is going to KT because tomorrow my parents are meeting the person in charged for the wedding venue. and most probably i will be meeting the wedding planner as well and discuss about those wedding stuffs bla bla bla. i hope he is not busy tomorrow. been havin a tough time meeting him because he's always here and there and too busy to meet people. i have no idea how he's handling his business.

i am excited yet nervous.

lets pray for the best.

Monday, June 1, 2009

hate writing about myself all the time.
makes me want to puke.
i need to observe more of whats happening around.
then i can write.

i hate writing.
but i have big dreams of wanting to be good at it.
i wanna be good at it.