Sunday, July 19, 2009

.she says she's starving.

just came back from class, starving to death. there seems to be many edible stuffs in the fridge but nothing is tempted to me as for the time being. plain rice and tom yam will do though but really have to be strict this time. i need to lose weight. the same issue again and again but no changes with my weight at all. duhh!!

really. this time. i only have four months to go.

p/s: once i tried really hard not to eat rice for a week and i ended up havin really bad fever. coincidence? i dont think so- demam rindukan nasi =)

.more time needed.

i have always loved long distance driving so i wouldnt mind doing the driving back and forth Dungun-KL. but last nite's trip was really exhausting that i slept right away once reached home and woke up quite late this morning. lucky class is at 4.30PM today and i still have plenty of time to clean up the house and prepare teaching materials.

talking about work, the responsiblities are gained more each day. some of us in Language Centre are being assigned to do the question papers for the mid-semester and final examinations for UiTM. did that last semester and some people at the campus are enquiring why we have to do it again this semester and what actually happens to the question bank? there should be a lot of sets as not only us in Dungun campus were preparing the question papers but also those from other campuses in Malaysia. some says they have used it for the inter-session final exam and some says that we are chosen because we did it as according to the right exam format. well, i really have no idea about this. all i know is that im happy with such assignment as this helps me to gain more knowledge and new experiences. after all, very much to my surprise, some of my questions did came out in the final examination paper last semester. and others from Dungun too.. their questions did came out in the final exam papers last semester.

despite all the complaints and whines, we are still doing it again this semester as it is part of our duty and plus, this helps for the SKT!! really. and as for me, i really think at least we should be told earlier and given more time for this because most of those who have to do this are also part time students who have to travel every weekend to KL to study, doing assignments, prepare lesson plans and havin other responsibilites at workplace.

so, Ikram and I will be preparing the listening paper for the final exam. we already did this together last semester and all went well. hopefully this time it will be even better. really need to find good and reliable materials.

and hoping that there'll be no PKA meeting this week.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

.kata dia lagi.

dia: suya, bile bleh jupe?
aku: hari Ahad neh... =)

Monday, July 13, 2009

.their bundle of joy.

my best friend since primary school Aleya and her husband, Sahak received their bundle of joy two days ago at 1145. baby boy Rayyan Bin Ishaq Hakim weighs 2.68kg.

Congratulations Aleya and Sahak!!

.last weekend in KL.

classes at UKM started last week. at first i thought of taking only 2 subjects (academic writing II & research methodology II) for this semester as i need more time to focus on my work and wedding preps- this is deeply considered since i believe that i am a very slow learner. however, after attending Dr. Juriah's class of Applied Linguistics, i fell in love right away. so now i guess i'll be taking 3 subjects and should be concerned of time management as well. insyaAllah i can do this.

anyway, had a blast accompanying Pijat shopping at I Setan last weekend. she really did her shopping this time and it was a whole lot of fun. the sale has started and we went crazy but she went crazier as she had the cash!! damn, i envied you girl!! but then, she also bought me Mooks's handbag which was on sale! love it love it. tengssssss.

and i bought a pair of Timberland sneakers for him which was on sale too. could see the excitement on his face when i gave him the shoebox. i knew he'd love it. i am never wrong about his stuffs. we happen to know each other well in the fashion sense and maybe music too. and i also bought a very nice classical look of black and white top for myself. not able to post the photo of it because i just dumped it in the washing machine. it was on a 70% sale so could not help but spending the not-so-much money in my purse. dont blame me, it was way too cheap to not buy it plus pijat also said it's okay to spend for that. haha (laughing the evil laugh)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen again yesterday. it was not a well planned thingy to go watch it again. Abg Yee and his family from KT were on their way to Kuantan to watch the movie when he called asking me to come along in order to assist his wife with their two little boys and since i had nothing much to do at home, i decided to follow them.

because we departed quite late from Dungun, i asked encikluzd to buy the tix for 7.55PM. as soon as we arrived, we met him at Megamall and all of us had early dinner at KFC. it was fun seeing him getting along very well with my cousins. they really like him.

i am currently watching Michael Jackson memorial service on 8TV. and it is really a distraction to write because Stevie Wonder's tribute is so-making-me-speechless. i cant think of any suitable word to describe it. this event is amazing.

i cant write. im going to watch the show. i have always loved MJ. i dont want to miss this.

.where there is love, i'll be there.

it is very sad to lose someone so special like him whom had touched so many hearts all over the world.

we miss you.

MJ, you're always and forever in my heart.

p/s: watching Michael Jackson memorial service, the last tribute, is really heart breaking.

Monday, July 6, 2009


is it true that Megan Fox is a man?

check this out --> MEGAN FOX IS A MAN!

.Dear Dana.

Count all her toes
and kiss her sweet cheeks
love and cherish her
for she is unique

Congratulations on your baby girl Dana!!

p/s: cant wait to meet her =)

.no title for this one.

well, the semester is about to begin soon. i dont know exactly how i feel. some things are not happening as i thought they would be especially the part where i thought i'd get a job in Kuantan.
deeply frustrated but i guess this is where i should be at the moment (or maybe forever?). i'll keep on trying but as for now, i need to focus on both - my current job and my life as a student.oh, not to forget, my wedding this November.

hmm... i had prepared some teaching materials to be used for this comin' semester and looking forward to make improvements in various aspects like time management, class management, teaching materials, relationships with working colleagues and more. and as a student, i really have to improve a lot more this comin semester. had made the payment for the tuition fees and currently still thinking about the classes that i am about to enroll. i dont want to repeat the mistakes i did last semester so i have to be really sure of my ability this time.

as for my wedding preparations, things are all handled quite okay up to this day. i am rather busy decorating the door gifts and listing the guests. also, planning to buy his ring some time in August or September depending on my financial status =)
and some more stuffs for the hantaran. during my discussion with his mom last weekend, she said it's gonna be 9 'dulang'. and obviously this means that i have to give him 11 'dulang' rite?
(supposedly he and i had decided on 7-9)

anyway, my life has been wonderful these couple of weeks despite the ups and downs.
overall, im enjoyin the days and nights that are passing by.


finally, it happened last weekend.
it was worth waiting.
thank you, love.

p/s: no reviews. i dont think you need one.

.Happy 20th Birthday lil' sister.

You are my guiding star
You are my shining light
You are my everything
what helps me through the night.
You are my heart
You are my soul
You are my savoir
what makes me feel whole.
You are more than my sister
You are my best friend
You are the one that will be there
when my heart needs to mend.
I love you sister
more than you will ever know
You are my other half
with you i am whole

by Tara J. Barker