Thursday, August 27, 2009

.lovin it.

wedding preparation is really making me exhausted. anyway i just love these. would want these kinds of pelamin for my wedding.

(for nikah)

(reception at the hall)
my small-spaced living hall is in a total mess and i am so damn lazy to clean it up. was working on the door gifts and now that it is done, i hate the fact of cleaning up the mess. hmm...
anyway, life has been really hectic these past few weeks that i hardly have time to blog or facebook. been a silent reader to some blogs though.

up to this day, the activity of fasting is great. Alhamdullillah, no signs of gastritis. and ive lost 2 kilos but not really proud of it as my eating habit is still crazy. haha.

oh, and it is kinda sad to break fast alone at home. most of the days. but then, thinking of it again and again, what choice do i have. at times i think that maybe im losing weight because of this because sangat tidak berselera to break fast alone. in fact i tried to tambah nasi today but failed. satu pinggan sudah cukup. couldnt eat more though the lauk i bought sangat sedap. huhu.

classes are crazy. i hardly have time to rest at work. everything is in a hurry because i need to cover the syllabus ASAP. the mid term test will be in the first week of September. plus, classes are packed. i have two days of six hours teaching without gaps. lucky the classes are not located far from each other or i might die on my way rushing to the class. always i am out of breath once i enter the classroom and the students will look at me as if i just ran a marathon. and while they feel chilled in the air-conditioned room, i sweat like hell in front of the class. duhhh!

and during yesterday's night class, the students hold a birthday party to one of the class member. it was fun but i was so full to eat the slice of cake. it was done after the class ended. i went home early as my encikluzd was here in Dungun. just couldnt wait to see him.

tomorrow i am going to KL with him. there are a lot of things to do and buy. hopefully everything will be great and as according to plans.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

.Happy Ramadhan friends.

stole this from Hana.

"It was the month of Ramadān in which the Qur’ān was [first] bestowed from on high as a guidance unto man and a self-evident proof of that guidance... (2:185) Al-Quran.....Ramadan Kareem! May Allah accept our duas & help us rejuvenate our faith."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

. i want to be a master too.

so i went to the wedding exhibition at Centrum, Setiawangsa today with pijat who was kind enough to accompany me. the place is so new that there are no clear directions to it but we were lucky enough to accidentally find it despite the heavy rain and traffic jams.

not many booths were set up yet because they only started the event today and will last until the 15th of August (if im not mistaken). i was there to only check out the wedding invitation cards. did some surveys and discussions and decided on one. will email them the particulars as soon as possible.

and later we went to KK deco at ampang because i needed to buy some wedding stuffs. most stuffs are on sale but i didnt get mine on a good bargain. danggg!

nway, congratulations dear Hana on your graduation. well, u are a master now and i am so jealous of you! i still have one year and a half to go and that will only happen if i do well. haha. oh.. i hope i will do well. i want to be a master too.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

.bila aku kata rindu.

dia kata: adi pon rindu tuya gop. meh ar sini kuatam. kite berdatim.

Monday, August 10, 2009

i have no idea what went wrong but the wireless router is not working again today. it really frustrates me because i just bought this one (Belkin) a couple of weeks ago.

the listening test paper for BEL260 is still in the making. been wasting a lot of time doing something else rather than this and was being asked to submit it tomorrow. kinda a last minute work but since I've done this before, there shouldn't be any problem i hope.

as for tomorrow, classes will be canceled again because there is going to be a meeting for the new lecturers which i have no idea why some of us who have served for more than a year is considered 'new'. honestly, at times, it sucks to have the classes canceled when i am so prepared with the activities and materials and very eager to teach and be part of the learning process. duhh...

and today, one of my students showed one of the major symptoms of H1N1- non stop sneezing which had made me asked him to leave the class for the clinic. very much to my surprise, he refused at first by saying that he didnt want to miss the lesson. oh boy..
anyway, i insisted for him to leave as to avoid the spreading of the virus to others and reminded the class the importance of wearing the mask.

thinking about the virus, it's scary but it's the fact.

.the fetish.

well, here i am again. exhausted but somehow excited of everything especially about the wedding. did some wedding shopping with my dearest little sister at KLCC last two weeks. Acca Kappa was having such a promotion we could not resist from not buying. so, i bought the hibiscus perfume set (EDP parfum, bar soap & body lotion) and two hair combs! one for me and the other for baby sister. had been eyeing on that perfume set for quite some time and the promotion was just like 'langkah kanan' for that day! and i will be adding that set with the other toiletries from Crabtree & Evelyn for my hantaran.

and since my encikluzd came to KL as well last week, we did surveyed on Sony Ericsson handphones for his hantaran. it was part of my plan to make it a surprise wedding gift for him, but then after realizing that he should choose the kind of phone that he likes, i guess, it's no more a surprise. nway, he still havent decided on which phone he wants. it's ok love, you still have time. we also went ring-hunting and found a perfect one for him. he loves it. i knew it from the looks on his face when he tried it on his finger.

it was fun doing wedding shopping with baby sister and my encikluzd. they understand me. they know what i want.

oh, encikluzd and i also attended Zalina's wedding reception at Bandar Manjalara. Zalina and i were in the same class in primary school (Sek Rantau Petronas, Kertih). we lost contact when i moved to Kuala Terengganu and managed to find each other on Facebook! it was great to meet some school friends again and to see familiar faces of people who used to be in the Rantau Petronas community. later after the wedding, both of us went to Ikea and Pet Safari at Ikano. did some shopping and had a great deal of time at Pet Safari since both of us love pets especially fishes! i think he just got into this after being influenced by me plus he must be envying my serene aquarium and had decided to have one too one day! (i'll post the photo of the aquarium one day when im not too lazy to do it)

also, went to check out the wedding invitation cards at Sunflower (Ikano). set my eye on this one particular card, discussed about the quotation and all but still deciding because i saw more wonderful cards on the web just now. hmm... will decide soon.

and got some new ideas on the decoration of the pelamin. will have to discuss about it with abg zol the wedding planner. and havent searched for the person to make up me nanti on my wedding day. i do have some names but im not sure of how good they are. maybe one of these days i will have to go make up testing first and see how.

time flies really fast i wish i have more days.