Monday, November 30, 2009

.finally she speaks.

here i am again. it has been some time i havent written anything here and it makes me feel guilty of not doing so. was too busy with almost everything i barely had time to go online.

well, married life is totally cool. though i am only married for 10 days, there are already ups and downs and i believe these are the things that are making it even more beautiful. new things are discovered and learned and we are enjoying every moment of it.

talking about the wedding, it was a dream came true and i loved everything about it. for those who made it there, thank you so much for being a part of our beautiful wedding memories. we had a whole bunch of great time and it was the moment i'll never forget. and for those who were not there, it is okay, insyaAllah we will meet again some day. and friends dearest, thank you so much for the gifts and wishes.

Eidul Adha was celebrated with joy, everybody was excited with the 'newly weds' that we had to go here and there visiting families of both sides, getting to know 'em. exhausting but worth the effort, after all they are families.

and now i am finally home in Dungun. re-organizing my life as a wife, a paid worker and a daughter. there are many things to be considered. the house is still in a total mess. wedding stuffs are still laying around here and there, wedding gifts are consuming a quarter of my living hall, there are laundries needed to be done and the weather frustrates me, it has been raining since early morning and i wonder when it will stop. i just cant wait to move out and live together with him. properly.