Wednesday, December 30, 2009

.Hard Rockin' Day.

the three days and two nights honeymoon trip to Hard Rock Hotel Penang was totally awesome! everything rocks and we had a blast. from the bed to the food, to the spa and the pool, the room, the beach, the lobby, the hotel shops, the hallways, the people, the live bands.. everything at the hotel have made us wanting to stay there forever.

well, i couldnt agree more when it is called first class entertainment hotel. we were allowed to turn on the music as loud as we can in the hotel room and no one was bothered about it. that's one of the coolest thing that one can do at this hotel. ngeh ngeh.

let the pictures do the talking (nway, these pics are taken by camera phone. pictures from the camera still cannot be retrieved)

the view from King Club

him at King Club - i was checking in at this mo

the welcome cake and sparkling juice

the bed - kat pillows and bedsheet ada guitar nye logo. sgt cool.

~the beatles

the view from the beach. the four statues are the beatles

at the entrance. above you.

at Hard Rock Cafe. chillin.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

petang tadi jalan jalan tengok Dungun banjir. masuk kampung keluar kampung... it's flooding everywhere. kesian those people yang umah and kedai masuk air. some shops are still operating mencari rezeki. some food stalls along the road to UiTM are also operating though air kat bawah sket je lutut. and some people still go to the flooded eateries to fill up their hungry stomach. duk bersila atas kerusi. nice.

now the rain has just stopped but i believe it will come back soon. the frogs are singing, calling for the rain =)

anyway, there was a mouse in my kitchen. i noticed the poos here and there but couldnt find exactly where it was hiding until yesterday i heard such sounds it made. went to 5 shops around town to get the trap but it was a total failure. couldnt get any. went home, frustrated.

was cleaning the kitchen when i suddenly heard the sounds again. behind the kitchen cabinet. grabbed the air wick odour stop (citrus) spray and sprayed in the cabinet. didnt have to wait long when i saw the small greyish creature coming out from the cabinet to escape under the kitchen door out of the house. blocked the gap under the door. relieved.

will be going to Kuantan tomorrow. cant wait to see him. we will be house hunting insyaAllah and watch a movie. New Moon maybe?

.having babies. it supposed to be planned or not?

.this is for Jet and Shef.

Congratulations dear Jet and Shef on your new bundle of joy, Adam Zuhayr.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

.some wedding shots.