Tuesday, January 26, 2010

.beautiful weekend.

too many beautiful things happened last week.

since it has been some time we havent met some old friends so we decided to do a small gathering at One Utama. there were Kelong and his wife Amish, Acong and his girlfriend Kila and Apih with his fiance Zura. we had a wonderful time doing some shopping, watched 'The Legion' and makan makan and sharing stories. it was great which Amish and i think that we should do it more often.

anyway, Amish's tummy is getting obvious already since she is now four months pregnant. she glows, really. cant believe she is going to be a mother soon. walking down the memory lane, we used to be room mates once and had shared wonderful moments together during our years in UiTM section 17. there were ups and downs but i have always cherished those days in my life.

talking about the movie we watched - The Legion. i hardly believe i watched such movie. sangat songsang okay the movie. i am not going to elaborate on it as it might spoil my mood to write more. go watch and you will know what i mean.

oh, another Coach handbag just came into the collection during the weekend which made me cant stop smiling for days!!! finally.

and i went for the interview with Kolej Shahputra in Kuantan last monday. it was a smooth sailing and the head of department did mentioned that i am among the top three best candidates but still they have to look at every aspects thoroughly. and he also mentioned something like giving the opportunity to fresh graduates. ceh. '....at least you have a job and commuting from Kuantan to Dungun is not that far'. yeah right. anyway, it doesnt matter because their salary offer is worst than what i am getting from UiTM so i guess it is definitely a 'NO' for it.

and Adi has been the sweetest thing that ever happened to me. he is always by my side to support me and never give up encouraging me to give my best to everything i do.

i love you with my whole heart husband.
thank you.

Friday, January 22, 2010

.getting mobile.

Trying to blog using the ipod touch. Interesting but still having troubles with the touch screen. im so in love with this thing rite now!


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Thursday, January 21, 2010

.now, you are mine.

i finally got my ipod touch!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

.it's two months today.

hari ini dia pulang. aku masak pasta. and meatballs with ikea meat sauce. jangan tanya sedap ke tak because i fail at that. but lia and him said sedap. heheee. Alhamdullillah. and there was dessert as complimentary.

then as usual, after dinner lia will go upstairs minding her own business leaving me and him having the limited quality time together. we watched TV and talked about the day and about other stuffs bla bla bla and he played with the guitar for a while. we cherished every moment spent. sebabnye we only see each other three times a week. so macam nak lepas rindu la ni. hehehee..

this is the best thing about living separated like this. rindu banyak banyak bila tak jumpa then bila jumpa you'll appreciate your partners even more and will cherish every single moment spent. however, i still prefer living together with him. fullstop =)

anyway today is our two months anniversary. time flies fast. i made him an artwork using microsoft paint before he went to sleep.

and he said 'happy 2 months anniversary to you too!' and gave me the sweetest smile and kiss ever! nothing makes me happy but him.

~dear adi,

i never regret for making the first move dulu...
back then, i already knew that you'll be the one that can make me happy. forever.

Monday, January 18, 2010

.rindu ini.

me : *sigh*

him : bakpe ni...?

me : rindu...

him : olor...jangan gitu...kekgi saya pung dop bermaya. esok saya balek neh...

me : okay (senyum)

(picture taken at Vistana Hotel Kuantan some time in December 2009)

.taking the risks.

we are happy with the house in Kuantan. it's old but it is nice and spacey - in another word, kind of big because only the two of us are staying there and most of the days, he's staying there alone while i am in Dungun. as for now, i only go there during the weekends after my classes at UKM.

anyway, last weekend was great. did some shopping at IKEA while i was in KL and since i drove my car so it was easy for me to transport the stuffs to Kuantan. also, we went to do more shopping in Kuantan. bought a queen-sized mattress, fabrics for curtains and more home stuffs at Carrefour. i'm broke already!!!

then we had so much fun at home - planning, organizing, day dreaming, cleaning, nailing the walls, laughing and enjoying every moment spent.

however, despite being happy living in that house, his mom doesn't like it and wants us to move to another neighborhood where there are more Malay neighbors. the current house is in a chinese plus few malay-houses-je-yang-ada neighborhood. hmm...and we dont really have a choice but to start figuring what to do. insyaAllah there should be ways to solve this problem.

and classes at UKM, eh, no..not the classes but the assignments are killing me already. i hate to admit this but i am a total failure at multi-tasking (betol ke this sentence?) im having difficulties to organize my life as a teacher and also being a student. at times i feel like quittin' my job and focus on my studies sampai abes and then later i will find a proper job. in the mean time maybe i can do part time jobs. but i dont know if it is the right thing to do.

should i just take the risk?

Friday, January 8, 2010

a tribute to Hana ;)

dear hana, this is for you...

okay, this was many years back, if im not mistaken some time in 2007. i was at The Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh, Perak. you should go there because they really allow you to touch and hold the tiger cubs. cuma nya i got the privilege to play with Jessie (the cub's name) because the big cat trainer saw me having too much interest on the tigers. so he came to me and told me to stay until the place tutup if i want to play with the cub lama lama. so i did, that's why i was able to play with it. trust me it stinks, quite heavy and the fur sangat tak fluffy or soft like the normal house cats. haha. and that Jessie was really naughty that tak sampai 30 mins playing with it i da really exhausted. she was 5 months old at that time.

and soon after that, the trainer who was also a supervisor at Sunway Petting Zoo KL offered me a part time job there. they didnt pay me much but i had so much fun playing, taking care and feeding the animals. not to forget, cleaning the cages every morning!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

.this and that.

today, we are married for one month and fifteen days. and today, we officially leased a decent house in Kuantan. he just got the keys and already went to check out the house. he said the house is okay and and i definitely believe him.

and today he enrolled himself as a member at a gym somewhere in Kuantan. i feel happy for him, well at least he will have something beneficial to do rather than staying at home as usual. also, this make me feel a bit challenged-lah kan nak fit again. haha. this is good cayam!

well, the new semester has just begun. i am teaching eighteen hours this semester which is a huge relief. however, my class time table makes me sick. i hate classes at Karah and also night classes. i hope there will be changes in the time table or i am going to make a request for that.

i am teaching BEL 311 and BEL 260 this semester. entered the classes already and as far as i am concerned, the students seem okay and hopefully they will not create much troubles along the way.

also, i already registered myself for master classes at UKM this semester despite from my first intention to extend the classes to next semester. reason? konon konon nak concentrate to this new married life tapi sebenarnya malas kot but couldnt help it when dad (who pays my tuition fees) wont allow me to extend. and he damn knows that kalo da extend, surely malas nak study lagi nanti. 'i want you to be the benchmark. the role model to your brother and sister' - this is something he'll always say to me, making me feel responsible in so many things that i do because i am the bigger sister. at times i feel it's a burden but most of the times i enjoy the responsibility. plus, they are the dearest to me.

oh, will be hangin out in Cherating this weekend. a surfing competition will be held there . ladies who wish to eye shirtless-hot-body males, you are most welcome to join me *wink wink*

i am...

...craving for this.

iPod touch.

p/s: you'll be mine, soon =)

Friday, January 1, 2010

.Welcome 2010.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.
May all your dreams come true.