Monday, March 22, 2010

.voted best conversation of the day.


oooo ok cool

ure good u know

dats why i love u

and u sleep like sleeping beauty



dop aci tgk org tido





the best part of my mornings

is to look at u sleeping

and kiss you

and watch you again and again and again


huwaaaaa... best nyeee..


and i'll definitely tell u that i love u so much

even tho u cant hear me

it's ok, maybe ur soul hears


tuyaaa... cayam kamu!!!


cayam kamu jugop adi!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

.all worn out.

lookin at the blog again and again and tiba tiba feel like macam extremely serabut. maybe this dandelion background is not really suitable.

well, i'll do something about it tomorrow.

now is 10 past 1 in the morning.

should go to sleep now.

it's goin to be a VERY long day tomorrow.

...and class starts at 8am!!

it sucks. really.

i need more sleeeeeppppp!!!

.lovin' the dandelions.

today i was thinking of changing to a new background. been searching and found this. fall in love with it right away. dandelions are super cute.

and this reminded me to one of the small students at GIS Kuantan who once made a remark~

"dandelions make small parachutes"

yes, they are darling. that's how they spread their seeds ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

.dear minnie.

i want to go too!!!

.give me a reason to be happy.

the idea of living together as husband and wife is definitely every married couple's wish including me, the so-called-newly weds who's living separated with my husband since we got married. though it's only 2 hours far, the fact that we're not living in the same house everyday, not waking up in the morning to see each others' face, not able to cook, having to pay rentals to both houses, only seeing each other like twice a week, once during the weekend and once on weekdays which depends to subject availability which means if he does not have much work to do at the office, then it'd be possible for him to come to Dungun - and all these are surely not the best idea for me.

honestly, i envy other married couples who get to live together, sharing and enjoying every moment spent. so, for the last couple of months, i tried hard to find a decent job in Kuantan. to really settle down, living life the way i have always wanted. with hubster around ;)

and finally, it's a dream come true. yayy!! Garden International School Kuantan has offered me the 'dream job' as a teacher. and paying more than i currently gain now!

Alhamdullillah. what more can i say?