Tuesday, April 27, 2010

.some updates.

talking about my birthday, we didnt go to any fancy restaurants cause i dont fancy 'em. instead, we went to watch Clash of the Titans and had a nice dinner at Kenny Roger's. and Adi gave me the best birthday gift ever -a pair of start tortoises babies! i named them Poseidon and Medusa after the characters in the movie. i've wanted the tortoises since forever and now i have mine =)

thank you Dzul Azwardi Shah.

they're super cute (i will post the photos later). we let them roam in the living hall after work and they're extremely happy with that. it's obvious because they never stop crawling here and there.

and school's getting as good as it gets. we had chocolate making session at Hyatt Hotel the other day. it was a whole lotta fun. i made a lot of chocolate pralines for Adi. he was so happy that today, he brought some to the office to share with his colleagues. (oh, will post the photos later jugak)

we have swimming for P.E tomorrow. i just cant wait for that. it has been a year i havent gone swimming and now i have the opportunity to share my swimming knowledge with the school. i was told that i'll be given a group of students for this swimming class. let's see what's waiting for me tomorrow.

till then.

Dana: best tadop dress code but at times mcm kelam kabut sbb dop tau nop paka menda. last last pakai baju kurung gop. hehehe.

Jet : tu la, bile nye nop jupe nih. weekend ni ah k.. oh adam..dop sabo!!

Hana: never knew BM is so hard to teach. hahaha.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

.it's the new workplace.

i have no idea how to start this entry. it has been a while. oh well.

so i have started working at Garden International School Kuantan. the first week was fine. since my second day of working was on my birthday, they had a small celebration at school for me. and the tiramisu was damn delicious.

since i am basically new to the British education system, the first few weeks they want me to observe what's going on around the school, the teachings, class management and i am currently assisting a class teacher for year 3 & 4. also, during English periods i have 5 children with me who are kinda weak at spellings, sentence structure and speaking English. 2 of them are from Iraq, 1 from Australia, 1 from Bangladesh and 1 from Canada. they're lovely and i've always enjoyed being with them.

on top of that, i am also a Bahasa teacher in this school. i teach Bahasa Melayu to all levels of learners from Year 1 to Year 8. this makes me know the whole school much better. overall, there are about 63 students and being in a small school like this, most things are kinda flexible. for example, there are no exact dress code. you can wear casually as long as you dont put on any denims. sometimes i go to school wearing flip flops!!

there are many things to tell but i'd rather be in front of the tv now.