Wednesday, June 23, 2010

.Cinta Yang Fana.

i remember the good ol' days when i was so into this novel - Budak Setan. there were series of it before it became Lagenda Budak Setan. i have loved it before and that remains the same until now. unfortunately, i lost my book when we moved to KL. i have read the book about 83 times (as far as i remember) as the story has never failed to touch my heart. i have always been in love with it.

and so the other day, Adi brought me to watch the movie after we watched the trailer a couple of times. i was damn excited. the trailer was awesome. i was having so many expectations.

but the movie frustrates me. i guess maybe i expected more of it as in more expressions and emotions like in the book. i hate the fact that Farid Kamil has to be Kasyah because he does not resemble Kasyah at all. maybe Que Haidar will make a perfect Kasyah. but he seems excellent at being Azmi. Lisa suits perfectly being Ayu but the girl who does Katrina sucks big time.

im being emotional here. read the book and you know it's way far more better than the movie.

i dont even feel like watching the movie again. but im thinking of finding my book or might as well get a new one.

p/s: during those old days when i was so much younger, Kasyah was like the kind of guy i wanted my boyfriend to be. like the kind of dream guy or something like that. haha. ngeeee...