Thursday, November 25, 2010

.will try to write more.

It has been a while. I miss writing here like i used to but couldnt get into the mood to do so. I will start to write again since now i own an iphone ;) and i can blog anytime or anywhere that i want. Isnt this interesting. Hopefully it motivates me to blog more often. And the ipod touch was automatically bertukar hakmilik to Adi. He loves it and im happy that he does. Or else rasa macam membazir to get this iphone.

Well, things have been super great with life, work, marriage etc and insyaAllah hopefully things will be even better.

We just celebrated our first anniversary last Saturday. Three hundred and sixty five days of lots of love and joy and couldnt ask for more. we're so in love and contented. He's totally amazing!


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