Friday, January 21, 2011

.busy bee.

the past two weeks were ridiculously busy. and right now, i do want to update, i do. really. but at the moment Jodi Picoult's The Pact is being so tempting i hardly resist.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

.cerita gigi.

well first day of school was not bad at all though i was extremely tired and sleepy most of the time. i'm blaming on the lack of sleep i had last night. tu lah sape suruh tido lambat! iskk... and as expected, yes, there were heaps of things to do today and having more things to do for the coming days. i have to really discipline myself on taking supplements regularly to keep me fit and strong. and enough sleep and rest and water! pheeww!

i noticed that i have been really disorganised and forgetful these days. and sangat malas to do the lesson plans. should include 'being more organised' as one of the year 2011 resolutions. haha. and what exactly are the other resolutions that i have made? i do not even remember one!!

what's funny today was i realized that most year twos students are missing a tooth especially one of the two front ones! hahaha.. they're so cute. i even heard Kasey said to Evie that she looks like a pirate! (Evie had her tooth wobbly this morning and was crying so loud that her mum, one of the teacher at school could hear from upstairs quickly came, went to her and pulled the tooth out!) - yeah, i saw that bit and it WAS scary for me! but i'm pretty sure it did not hurt at all because the new tooth's already coming out, we could see it. she stopped crying then and asked her mum to keep the tooth in her pocket ;)

last time when i was very much younger, my mum was the brilliant dentist at home! she pulled out most of my wobbly teeth by herself which i bet it was not difficult at all. i dont remember crying out loud or running away in madness whenever she wanted to pull out any of the wobbly teeth. she's very particular with teeth that i always thought she should be a dentist! anyway, i have always loved going to the dentist and will be so proud of myself every time the dear dentist said it's an A. (muka berlagak gila every time kuar bilik dentist pastu mesti nak show off kad klinik gigi tu.) and every time the people from the dental clinics came to school, i would be among the first ones to go have my teeth checked!

but nowadays are a different story. dental clinics are not a fvourite place to go now. memang lah kan sebab the environment pun dah bosan with all the boring advertisements on dental and oral care. and not to forget the best toothbrush or toothpaste ever. and plus it does seem really scary especially when i need to do teeth scaling. eeeuuuww!! gile ngilu! yes, sangat ngilu sampai tak leh tahan misti nak suruh the dentist stop most of the time. isk..

right, i'm stopping here so i can go brush my teeth and go to bed. i need enough sleep for tomorrow.

selamat malam. mimpi manis.

suya dan gigi

.term two begins.

school starts tomorrow.

im expecting everything from fun, heaps of work, stress, running up and down the stairs, singing, jumping, meetings, cups of tea, shouting, praising, more rewards and stickers and a whole lot of everything.

school starts tomorrow.

i better go to sleep.

kids counting using fat drinking straws