Sunday, February 27, 2011

.the next three days.

last couple of weeks, a friend at work recommended 'the next three days' to me.

so i went to the mall and bought the dvd because i cant be bothered to download any movies at the moment due to very poor connection of the internet at home. yes, it sucks big time when you're in the middle of working hard on something and it requires you to have the connection and bam! at that very moment, the screen shows 'the server may be down or whatever, whatever, whatever.'
it really gets on my nerves. really.

alright, so, i didnt just buy 'the next three days' but also bought 'the king's speech' and '127 hours'.

today, after cleaning up the kitchen and did the heaps of laundry (i do laundry once a week and only on the weekends - i have no idea why once a week. maybe i like it when Adi my dear husband pops up with the question 'mana ek boxers saya banyok banyok?')

right, so i really wanted to have plenty of rest today lazing around, eating snacks and watch a movie. after very much of consideration, i decided to watch 'the next three days'.

so through out the movie, i was really restless. wept tears. smiled and as it goes towards the end, no, not quite sure if it's near the end of the story or what when the screen of the tv turned grey. and silent.

i was like 'what just happened?'

didnt take long for me to realize the dvd is a piece of rubbish. NOT the movie, but the dvd itself. i went to the kitchen to grab more food. sorry but madness makes me hungry. finished my lunch. took a 10 mins nap.

Not long after that Adi came home from his classes. we went to the mall to change the dvd and to get more milk.

unfortunately, the same thing happened to the new dvd. dang!

i guess i will have to download the movie then.

anyway, though i havent finished watching, i highly recommend this movie. it is superb!

p/s: i was meant to post this piece last week but somehow i most probably lost my mind at the moment and saved it to drafts. whatever~

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

.moving on.

so Julie's got the job in Tanzania as Head of Foundation Stage. She's excited in so many ways but unfortunately, i am not :(

I know, i should be happy for her.. Yes i do, i am happy for her. It's just that knowing the fact that i will no longer be working with someone so inspiring in so many ways.. is despairing.

I enjoy working with her despite all the workload that's tearing me down almost everyday and her being very fussy and particular about things. All that dont matter to me because we want the best for the children.

Julie has taught me a lot, not just about school matters but also about life. We've shared stories, experiences, ideas and thoughts. It's a shame to not be working with her anymore. I am so not ready for this. Really. Ive never thought i'd feel this way about her leaving. Honestly, it's never enough because everyday is always a new chapter with brand new ideas and ways of teaching and learning.

From the bottom of my heart, i will miss you Julie.

You're the best!

*julie & her son, isaac
(CNY celebration @ GISKtn)

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