Friday, May 20, 2011

.talking about names.

is it too soon to think of the name? Because we're kinda excited ;)

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

.happiness tears.

at this very moment i am writing, i am actually crying out of happiness for Nana and Iwan.

saw Nana's picture with her baby in her arms really gets me emotional, thanks to the hormones.

Dearest Nana & Iwan,

Congratulations on your newborn Muhammad Iman Faris.

He's so adorable and sweet.

I cant wait to see you guys, InsyaAllah.

Take a good care of yourself Mommy Nana ;)


Sunday, May 15, 2011

.becoming a mother.

I am not yet a mother but at nine weeks five days pregnancy, i truly understand the sacrifices a mother would do for her child.

I have been vomitting so much today i actually lost count of it. The anti-vomit pills are not working for me. I am exhausted, my body is aching, i dont feel comfortable at all. Im so not at my best. I feel so sick.

Mencabar ye rupanya mengandungkan anak ni.. And Mama said her condition was even worse when she was carrying me. Her morning sickness only ended when she reached 8 months pregnancy.

Ya Allah, aku mohon padaMu, give me strength to go through this. Sesungguhnya Engkau maha Mengetahui dan Mengasihi. Aminn..

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Monday, May 9, 2011

.of mee hoon goreng, keropok goreng & cili kicap.

Terima kasih suami, for being there through my ups and downs.

Terima kasih for the super delicious mee hoon goreng, keropok goreng and cili kicap. There're totally perfect.

You surprised me today with your effort to prepare dinner instead of going out or as usual, getting bungkus meals for me..

You're the best and i know you'll always be.

I love you hubs, so much.

I thank Allah swt everyday for everything i have in my life.

p/s: im sooo over the moon tonight ;)

Esok masak asam pedas plak bleh?

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

.i will see you.

Pregnant Quote Graphics from

Pregnancy Quotes

.you mean the whole world to me.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

.an order from the boss.

the boss called.

"Hi Suriana, how are you feeling today?, hey listen, it's okay about not coming to school tomorrow, i got things sorted out already. not that we dont want you back, we do want you back but just have the three days rest and come back fresh on monday, ya?"

there you go!

voted the best thing that ever happened in my life today.

.the milestone.

i really need an inspiration to write. desperately need an inspiration ;)

oh well, let's just start.

today is officially eight weeks and two days. went to see the doctor yesterday and saw our baby. very tiny but the doctor said the heartbeat shows that he/she is healthy.

as for me, well, along the way, i've experienced a lot of changes. i first knew about my pregnancy when it was just about four weeks. very very early so a lot of things were on my mind like miscarriage, financial stability, baby preparations, and question like if we're ready to be parents and many more. anyway, i ate a lot at the time, like A LOT! and i always fell asleep while watching tv after school - i dont always eat that much and i dont do day nap. so itu sangat rare!

i guess those were the early signs that made me opted to do the home pregnancy test.

my heart was leaping high when there was a faint line. i knew it is possible to have fake negatives but it's impossible to have fake positives. so, doa and tawakal to Allah swt je at the time.

then at five weeks, i started to have spotting. i became really worried. plus, the doctor said it could also be a sign of miscarriage. okay, aku redha but i never give up praying for the best from Allah swt. i had a good rest for a week since it was easter school holiday and Alhamdullillah the bleeding stopped.

at six weeks, i had the worst diarrhea in my life. not to forget the vomiting and loss of appetite. i lost 2kgs. went to the doctor, had a scan, went home with a big smile on my face.

at seven weeks, i had the spotting again for a couple of days. i didnt go to the doctor this time. i thought let's just wait and see. still, didnt eat much because i vomited everyday. and at this week that i noticed, i couldnt smell thai food at all except for tom yam. oh well, my doctor friend said "baguslah you ada alahan!" towards the end of week seven and beginning of week eight, i couldnt go to school for three days because of extreme exhaustion and nausea.

and yes, that's why im blogging today. im still on medical leave and there's nothing much i could do at home.

im so going to school tomorrow though it's the last day of the week. i miss work!