Tuesday, June 7, 2011

.defining myself.

the weekend was awesome! we attended the wedding of Pijat and Shahran in Dungun - it was a beautiful wedding. we are extremely happy for both of you ;)

i felt much better during the weekend. no feeling queasy, no vomiting, less tired and very joyful :)

on our way back to Kuantan from Dungun, we went to Mesra Mall because i wanted to check out some baby stuffs at toys r us since the one in Kuantan do not sell baby stuffs. also to just chill and rest at their starbucks coffee. travelling is exhausting and with too many cars on the road because there were too many weddings here and there plus school holiday vacations, the traffic to Kuantan was very slow.

we met up with Dira and Wafi. it had been a while we hadn't seen them so we quickly took the chance on that day! it was great and lasted for hours. we were supposed to be in Kuantan by 4pm because dear hubby was supposed to work but lucky he didnt get any calls. we finally departed to Kuantan around 9pm! cant believe we actually spent 7 hours at the mall!

give me a minute, it's Bon Jovi singing Always on MTV!!

this post is actually taking me hours to write. i actually stopped after the first paragraph to cook fried rice (at 1.15 in the morning!) i was really hungry and dear hubby is at work and will only be back home around 2.30am. so while waiting, i decided to write, eat and watch tv.

as for myself, im enjoying being pregnant. i have gained a kilo or two. it's not consistent at all though i have been eating A LOT. i had a major headache yesterday, the migraine kind of headache and was disrupting my sleep. and this morning, i vomited twice which really spoiled my morning mood because i thought all the nonsense morning sickness is going away since i've kissed the first trimester goodbye. but yes, like some people are saying, some times it lasts longer than we expected. honestly, im feeling much better compared to before. i've been doing house chores, been combing my hair, been looking at the mirror frequently, been singing (trust me it's really bad you dont wanna know), been wanting to put some make up when going out, been kissing dear hubby more than during the first trimester ;)and more.

today, my gestational age is thirteen weeks and two days. it says on the iphone app WHAT TO EXPECT.com that the baby is as big as a lemon! how cute. i might buy a lemon tomorrow, holding it in my hand and imagining Poppet in my tummy!

i cant believe ive come this far. at most times, i will lie on my back and hold my tummy and think about the future. if dear hubby is around, we will both lie on our backs or cuddle with each other and talk about things. about the ups and downs of everything in life, about our plans and hopes and dreams. it is one of our beautiful moments.

i love my relationship with him. it is full of love and surprises, relaxing and yet some times adventurous. i'd proudly say he's my soul mate, my everything.

i feel truly blessed. Alhamdullillah.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

.baby thing.

it has been a while since i last went to the beach. i miss everything about it - the sand, the waves, the sea breeze, the sounds, the people, the view.. everything! our house is so near to the beach yet it seems impossible to go due to my condition. oh well, i might go during the weekend. who knows i might feel a bit better, insyaAllah ;) the beach makes me calm and relaxed and i'd like little poppet in the tummy to feel what i feel. dont worry poppet, mummy will share everything with you.

anyway, i have been having troubles with sleeping these couple of days and according to my readings, it's normal to have sleeping problems during pregnancy. apart from having to do bathroom trips every now and then, i have been having weird dreams like last night, (in my dream) i was panicking in a baby shop because there were so many baby stuffs to buy! i woke up this morning thinking hard about it and finally realized that i was looking at a baby budget list before i went to bed! Adi laughed when i told him about it.

i have been experiencing a lot of changes in many ways. my choices of food have become a bit funny. it is so obvious that my taste buds have changed so much and western food is more of preference right now. and no thai food at all! not even the smell. sometimes just looking at the restaurants make me vomit! right there in the car! in the plastic bag of course. i always make sure that i have a box of plastic bags in the car and 5 pieces of them in my handbag. the smell of freshly cut grass also annoys me and could make me vomit the whole day so right now the grass in our garden is becoming a mini forest. oh dear!

dear hubby is excited about becoming a daddy though he obviously is confused with the changes in me especially the smell part because i avoid to be with him after he comes back from work. sorry honey, i just cant tolerate with it :(
and he doesnt get it that i always say some food smell funny. we really need to go for that antenatal class. i bet there are a lot of things to learn about the whole pregnancy thing and labour and becoming parents. anyway, talking about him being excited, he actually bought a playpen last month from toysrus. i know it's wayyyyy too early but he said 'it was on 50% discount!' okay then, i surrender. and he also mentioned about wanting to buy a stroller because he saw one and he likes it so much that everytime we go to parkson, he'll definitely go have a look at it, touch it and i bet he must be imagining pushing the stroller with little poppet in it. however, im keeping an eye on that because i just thought it's too soon to buy one. just not yet.

okay, i feel like having a cuddle right now. stopping but will definitely continue with more in the next entry.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

.tears and joy.

too many things have been happening to me in the last couple of weeks. one day at school i vomited like more than eight times and resulted to real starvation and dehydration. i went home feeling dreadful and hopeless, sitting on the couch in the living hall crying like a mad woman- coming to think of it again, i have no idea why i reacted in such manner! dear hubby was next to me trying hard to calm me down, talking about going to the hospital and such but i didnt feel like moving at all. all i did was crying again and again til i thought my body refused to produce any tears at all.

i called my parents, not able to properly talk because of too much crying, they got panicked thinking something bad must have happened to me. then i said to them to come to Kuantan because i wanted to have them around. i needed them so badly at the time and the moment they said yes they're coming to see me, i immediately stopped crying and felt a little bit better. then a cousin arrived from KT with my favourite kue tiaw goreng from my grandfather's food stall (he came to attend a job interview in Kuantan). i was grateful and happy like a toddler being given a candy!

so then, about an hour to midnight my parents and my brother arrived! the truth is, i was delighted! i was beaming and it was really showing that dear hubby said i looked totally fine! how funny!

the next day i got sick again so i went to see the doctor and he said that i will have to be admitted to the hospital for iv drip. my body was really dehydrating you could see from my skin, especially my face! how awful :(

unfortunately that iv drip thing was unsuccessful so i was forced to drink water manually. i loved the hospital stay though i got bored after about twelve hours.
i ended staying at the hospital for just one night. couldnt wait to get back home!

mama and papa were around that week. i was extremely happy. the food, the talks, the hang outs, the shopping.. everything!! i totally miss them now :(

okay dah malas to continue writing. will write more, i promise. maybe some time later.