Saturday, December 31, 2011

.marking the 22nd week.

today i finished making one side of my baby's shoes. This time the sewing is much better and hubs is loving it so much. Im loving it too! Cant wait to finish the other side so it'll become a pair!

My baby has been moving a lot these days and i am enjoying it. Maybe you're growing bigger and i can feel you better now. Grow well child, we cant hardly wait to see you. As of today, i am 22 weeks pregnant ;) Alhamdullillah...

Also today, ive started to plan the nursery. Is it too early? Oh well.. I guess thats alright. We havent started on anything yet, just planning on the colour and the settings. Havent bought all the big things yet. Not now.

I will have to sacrifice my art room :( which is not really making me feel happy about it because i cant imagine where should i relocate all my arts stuffs, materials, fabrics, books, sewing machine and other craps! But for you, Poppet sweetheart, i will do my best. I'd like you to have your own room when you're still little ;)

We'll see how it goes.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

.the washing machine episode.

this morning was quite funny when you startled (at least thats what i thought) with the sound of the washing machine. Some clothes got stuck and the spinner was making loud banging sound and you moved so strong i felt ticklish and was laughing to myself. Maybe you were still enjoying your sleep and the sound probably annoyed you. Sorry sweet pie but mummy had to do her piles of laundry!

Anyway this is me at 21 weeks. Was at modernmum today trying this top but didnt buy it :(

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

.made with love.

I finally managed to finish the other side and now it's a pair!

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.i made my baby's first booties.

today's been great and im one happy mum-to-be.

i made my unborn child's first booties today. Honestly, it's not as perfect or as neat as it should be but oh well, it's my first attempt and i will surely improve with my sewing skills. I made one side today and will continue with the other side tomorrow. Might also sew a matching bib with the pair. We'll see how it goes. I dont really have much in my sewing kit and materials now. Need to do some shopping ASAP.

I also have lots of other things in mind that i'd like to make. time, effort, passion and energy will decide on that. Anyway, since i dont have my sewing machine with me now, everything is hand-sewn. Tiring, but im enjoying the whole process.

Cant wait for tomorrow!

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Sunday, December 18, 2011


photo courtesy from google images

...and i cant stop dreaming and smiling all day long


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.at 20.

this week i am 20 weeks pregnant. ive asked around and been doing some readings about when to buy baby stuffs and most of them say it's about time. so as planned earlier, we're going to do a little bit of baby shopping this month. i dont really know what to get at this stage so the other day i made a list of things to buy and ordered them in priorities and since we've planned to go to KL, i thought might as well just do the shopping there. BUT, yesterday happened to be one of the best days in my pregnancy life because one of the malls in Kuantan is having the baby fair organised by the suppliers from KL. It was totally 'langkah kanan'! I was SO delighted especially when seeing all the marked down prices. It is like a dream came true because there are things i thought i'd never buy because of the agak mahal prices but since most things are on 50% to 70% discounts, Alhamdullillah we managed to buy bits and pieces for Poppet and pressies for friends who are delivering their bundle of joy soon ;)

I also bought a belly band from modernmum and oh my, never knew how comfy it could be when i put it on. Some people say it's not necessary so i decided not to buy at first but since my belly is growing, i decided to give it a try and yes, i really like it especially when i cant zip or button my pants or skirt. It helps to cover the gap and support the belly.

anyway, Poppet's movement is much stronger now but still cant be felt by others. I can actually feel the movements some time in the afternoons and late nights. One time it woke me up from sleep in the middle of the night because it's so ticklish and i was laughing to myself. And of course Adi thought i was laughing in my sleep!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

.of all the things that could hit me.

I have a sty. My left eye did felt funny yesterday but it wasnt itchy or looked like a sty so with full confidence i thought and had been telling people that
something bit me where the bottom eyelashes are. How stupid! How could i have not known??!! It isnt my first time anyway.. Probably because this time the symptoms arent the same at all. Since im having such an interesting plan this coming weekend - we'll be off to the beach! Im so craving for this and the weather has been good this week so i CANNOT be sick!! Totally not ruining this plus Aly and Kasey are coming with us. So worried me (apart from the awesome weekend i dont want to miss, i was also worried because im carrying a human being in me and i needed to make sure that everything is safe) went to see the Doctor and he said that i have to see the specialist to remove the sty and since it was 10pm, he said better to have it done the next morning. At the moment all i was thinking was- how serious is this? or how ridiculous are you? It's just a sty! People dont remove styes! They just put eye drops or hot cloth on it. Im not a Doctor but i do know if one is taking advantage of another (oh, yes, i went to a private hospital). As a matter of fact, i wouldnt go at first place but because im pregnant, i needed to check what im having plus i have to always make sure any prescription taken is safe. So, paid some amount of money, brought home some antibiotics, some painkillers and a bottle of eye drop. Took antibiotics and the eye drop before bed and woke up this morning with a red swollen eye and very crusty! Opening the left eye was a little bit of a struggle but i managed. Honestly, i felt frustrated because i thought it's getting worst and i cant miss school today because it's Sparkle Day. Cleaned the eye and put one more drop of the medicine. Alhamdullillah the redness and swelling reduced big time! Off to school afterwards and had a brilliant time enjoying Sparkle Day, excellent Christmas lunch -pot luck from everyone, i brought trifles for dessert. Super awesome games and contests. The children came out with fantastic modified version of 12 Days of Christmas song and performances and Father Christmas came to light up their lives.

Anyway, my eye is definitely getting better with just the eye drops and antibiotics, Alhamdullillah.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

.wordless wednesday.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

.hello you.

As of now i am 18 weeks pregnant, alhamdullilah and yesterday was the first second trimester meet with the Dr.
My favourite Dr was off duty but we didnt want to wait any longer to see the little angel inside me so Dr Syafnie it was instead of Dr Azian. The one hour of waiting was worthwhile when we saw our tiny little angel actively kicking, doing sommersaults and even waving (at us, i supposed!) Dr Syafnie was like "ya Allah, aktifnya dia ni!" and there was one part where our baby was putting the hands behind the head which is exactly like how i sleep. Are you trying to tease my style of sleeping sweetheart? and Adi thought it's funny and we kept on talking about that til dinner. He's one happy dad-to-be! Too obvious!!

Dear little one,
Daddy has been saying that you look like me since he saw you on the screen yesterday. I have no clue how in the world he can say that because all i saw was a blurry screen with you moving around -non-stop. It's impossible to interpret how you look like because it's still quite early and it's not even a 3D or 4D u/s scanner! Plus we didnt even get to see if im baking a blue or a pink cake! I guess we have to wait for the next visit then ;)
til then poppet, we love you xx


p/s: Dad's reading to us tonight, he's in the other room choosing a book. I wonder what book he's choosing.. Here he comes!

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