Tuesday, January 3, 2012

.the other pair.

i made my baby another pair of shoes. this time it is a girl's shoes compared to the first one which is more of a unisex type. this pair took me about a week because i had to stop sewing for few days due to errands and other responsibilities. im getting better at it now, Alhamdullillah but obviously not perfect like the ones you buy from the shops :)

Anyway, today i went to Kamdar to get more materials and might start on making little dresses and bibs. Gone bonkers with all the cottons. There are so many kinds of them and the patterns are fantastic! Didnt spend much because im so aware that im still at the learning stage so i dont want to waste the materials especially the expensive ones.

School's starting very soon and i wonder if i can ever find the time to start with the projects.
I'll try my best. I'll definitely find the time.

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