Sunday, March 18, 2012

.sunday love.

Adi and i today at the beach ;)

It has been a while we havent been to the beach so today he brought me there. excellent weather is a bonus after so many days of heavy rains. we had a great time enjoying the beautiful view and watching some people flying kites.

oh, anyway i was panicking this morning because i didnt feel my baby moving like how she usually does. was thinking to go to the clinic but after shower until now, she doesnt stop at all! and has been everywhere in my tummy! Alhamdullillah.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

.the 4D experience.

dear poppet love,

we saw you in 4D yesterday. it was an amazing experience. we were so excited and i got really emotional but of course nobody noticed because both the Dr and daddy were busy looking at the screen. you're incredible. when we first saw your face i immediately said to daddy that you look like him especially your lips! he didnt believe me at first, kept telling me that you look like me til later when he couldnt stop looking at the printed photo of you that he said you might look like him ;)

Alhamdullillah, Dr said you're healthy and as usual very active. in fact, i felt you moved during the scanning session and saw that you were kicking and punching! most of the time you were covering your face with your hands and there was a 2 seconds smile! So beautiful!

We really cant wait to see you little one. Day and night, our conversations have always been about you.

InsyaAllah, it wont be long now.



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