Tuesday, August 13, 2013

.that special friend i once had.

i miss the good and bad times we used to have,
and how we fill in those rough times with laughter,
i miss the day we went to the fish shop instead of to a friend's engagement ceremony because the traffic was really bad,

i miss night rides in your car listening to songs of our favourite bands,
i miss hanging out with you just to chat about the things we do on that day, and laughing at your jokes,
i miss our cheese nan moments,
i miss our sotong bakar moments and nasi goreng moments,

i miss the random bowling fun we once had,
and following you whenever you're meeting your friends,
i miss our late night conversations on the phone rambling about stupid stuffs,
i miss the days i got to hang out at your work place,

i miss the times that you were always there for me when i needed you the most - always.. anytime, anywhere,

i miss you, old friend.
i really really do.
if i could turn back time, repeating those days would be in my list.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

.the past week.

Oh well, a week passed, i have approximately 5 weeks to go til the beginning of school year. The past week had been great though i could do more things. I guess it's alright since it's the beginning of the holiday, should relax more so i can sort of think of what to do in the coming weeks.

We had a long weekend, Adi was a happy man, of course- late mornings, more late night shows on the tv, more time with the family and such. Got some things sorted out especially the new house and my car. Well, the people from the kitchen cabinet shop came to do some measurements and to look at the kitchen and we got to see the house too. Alhamdullillah, it's all done i think they're waiting for the CF now. Cant wait cant wait!

Saturday was a really long day for us. We were out from morning and only came back at 10pm. Checking the new house in the morning, went to the garage in the afternoon, off to the mall to kill time while waiting for the car to be fixed, coincidently met Jet & Shef with their son, Adam, decided to have iftar together, of to TC Beach for Chatime after then home. Hayfa slept through that night. No fuss at all! She must be exhausted!

And today we just relaxed at home. Did a little bit of cleaning and i made bread pudding. No cooking today, hubs wanted to eat nasi kukus. It was a good day.

Right, im stopping with the ramblings now. Havent really planned for tomorrow yet except bringing H to the beach in the morning. It has been a while. Wanted to bring her to the pool but it's currently closed for renovation and only opening right before Hari Raya. Bummer -_-'
Got to plan more for the little kid. And yes, been cleaning my wardrobe and found some old clothes to be made into something! Feeling excited with the new project.

H playing with the bubbles while daddy cleaning the front porch.


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

.quarter to 3am random writing.

as of now, i am already on my six-weeks holiday. last Friday was the last day of school for this year and we had to do lots of cleaning up and moving things around. i am working on a new role next year as an EAL teacher which means i will have my own room, will be working with other teachers and helping the EAL children in their learning process. the job description is a long list but yes, i am very excited, i wanted a new challenge.
celebrating the end of the school year, we went to KL for the weekend to do an early Hari Raya shopping as well as visiting my brother and his wife. Aly came with us to do some shopping too. we had a good but exhausting weekend. Saturday was spent at Pavillion & Lot 10 and Sunday was spent at One Utama. never in our lives we spent such long hours at the malls in a day. Alhamdullillah little daughter has been great, she enjoyed being at the malls looking at people and decorations and playing at the children's areas. there were some cranky moments but we figured they happened when she was hungry. good thing for the bento i bought last month. her lunch, snacks & dinner were all packed up! and a couple of times to the nursing rooms made her one happy baby!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

.as she turned one.

Baby girl turned exactly 12 months old last month on the twenty fourth of april two thousand thirteen.

On that day, we parents were extremely delighted. No, we didnt have another cake but we had a good time spent with her during the day despite it was a working day. I made some homemade paints and let her explored with them. Well, she was ok at first doing finger painting and hand prints for keep sakes on the sketch pad but 10 mins after she started to get bored and cranky. She wanted milk from mummy and a nap!

So a year passed. VERY quickly i'd say. And i am enjoying every single minute being a mum. Yes, there are times when i get extremely tired with school work & house chores, but daughter is never put aside. There are moments when my breastmilk are on a very low supply and i get very distressed about it but i still do my best to feed and express the milk. Alhamdullillah, rezeki anak masih ada. And husband is always supporting me.

Hayfa Maryam celebrated her birthday about two weeks earlier which was on my birthday thirteen of april two thousand and thirteen. it was also on the same day as her uncle's wedding reception. we started the party after the wedding reception. it was a pool party organised by me and dear husband of course. a simple yet a meaningful first birthday party for us three. most friends and families came and we all had fun in the pool with lots of pool toys and water guns. and lots of beautiful presents too!

Syukur Alhamdullillah, i feel so blessed with everything.

Having a child of my own has changed me in so many ways. As a mum,a wife, a daughter, a friend as well as an individual.

i love you Hayfa Maryam, always & forever.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

.never easy.

No it is not easy. Im not complaining because apart from being extremely tired, i enjoy every single thing about what i do- being myself, being a wife and being a mum. most of the time in my everyday life is a routine, it might sounds boring to some people but you gotta know how to spark it up to add the excitement. Or else, you'll get all stressed out.
No matter how exhausted i am sometimes, no.. tipu, most of the time, when i look at my husband, daughter and home, i dont mind being tired. I dont mind staying up late at night or going to bed late. I dont mind waking up early in the morning and not having a nap after work. I dont mind at all because all i want is the best for them. My advice, do it with honesty and sincerity because it makes a huge difference and definitely will make you a better person- contented and always grateful to Allah SWT.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Alhamdullillah we are now in the year 2013. Another year passed with many ups and downs but through it all i survived, lessons learned and hopefully making me a better person. I dont really have a list of specific wishes or resolutions for the new year because they never worked for me. Ever. i tend to forget about it throughout the year so i guess why waste the effort. All i know every year i wish to be better a person and so far i am happy with myself.

Many 'big' things are happening this year for me especially in the first half of the year. Kicking off the new term of school with a new class, bigger children this time (year 5) totally different kinds of behaviour management! Then my brother's wedding which insyaAllah will be on MY birthday. On top of that little daughter will turn 1 some time in April. My masters is expected to finish by May. And if all is well convocation will follow few months after that.

I have a mixed feelings about all these.

Rabbi Yassir Wala Tu'assir

O Allah, make things easy for me

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