Saturday, May 18, 2013

.as she turned one.

Baby girl turned exactly 12 months old last month on the twenty fourth of april two thousand thirteen.

On that day, we parents were extremely delighted. No, we didnt have another cake but we had a good time spent with her during the day despite it was a working day. I made some homemade paints and let her explored with them. Well, she was ok at first doing finger painting and hand prints for keep sakes on the sketch pad but 10 mins after she started to get bored and cranky. She wanted milk from mummy and a nap!

So a year passed. VERY quickly i'd say. And i am enjoying every single minute being a mum. Yes, there are times when i get extremely tired with school work & house chores, but daughter is never put aside. There are moments when my breastmilk are on a very low supply and i get very distressed about it but i still do my best to feed and express the milk. Alhamdullillah, rezeki anak masih ada. And husband is always supporting me.

Hayfa Maryam celebrated her birthday about two weeks earlier which was on my birthday thirteen of april two thousand and thirteen. it was also on the same day as her uncle's wedding reception. we started the party after the wedding reception. it was a pool party organised by me and dear husband of course. a simple yet a meaningful first birthday party for us three. most friends and families came and we all had fun in the pool with lots of pool toys and water guns. and lots of beautiful presents too!

Syukur Alhamdullillah, i feel so blessed with everything.

Having a child of my own has changed me in so many ways. As a mum,a wife, a daughter, a friend as well as an individual.

i love you Hayfa Maryam, always & forever.

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