Tuesday, July 23, 2013

.quarter to 3am random writing.

as of now, i am already on my six-weeks holiday. last Friday was the last day of school for this year and we had to do lots of cleaning up and moving things around. i am working on a new role next year as an EAL teacher which means i will have my own room, will be working with other teachers and helping the EAL children in their learning process. the job description is a long list but yes, i am very excited, i wanted a new challenge.
celebrating the end of the school year, we went to KL for the weekend to do an early Hari Raya shopping as well as visiting my brother and his wife. Aly came with us to do some shopping too. we had a good but exhausting weekend. Saturday was spent at Pavillion & Lot 10 and Sunday was spent at One Utama. never in our lives we spent such long hours at the malls in a day. Alhamdullillah little daughter has been great, she enjoyed being at the malls looking at people and decorations and playing at the children's areas. there were some cranky moments but we figured they happened when she was hungry. good thing for the bento i bought last month. her lunch, snacks & dinner were all packed up! and a couple of times to the nursing rooms made her one happy baby!