Monday, July 29, 2013

.the past week.

Oh well, a week passed, i have approximately 5 weeks to go til the beginning of school year. The past week had been great though i could do more things. I guess it's alright since it's the beginning of the holiday, should relax more so i can sort of think of what to do in the coming weeks.

We had a long weekend, Adi was a happy man, of course- late mornings, more late night shows on the tv, more time with the family and such. Got some things sorted out especially the new house and my car. Well, the people from the kitchen cabinet shop came to do some measurements and to look at the kitchen and we got to see the house too. Alhamdullillah, it's all done i think they're waiting for the CF now. Cant wait cant wait!

Saturday was a really long day for us. We were out from morning and only came back at 10pm. Checking the new house in the morning, went to the garage in the afternoon, off to the mall to kill time while waiting for the car to be fixed, coincidently met Jet & Shef with their son, Adam, decided to have iftar together, of to TC Beach for Chatime after then home. Hayfa slept through that night. No fuss at all! She must be exhausted!

And today we just relaxed at home. Did a little bit of cleaning and i made bread pudding. No cooking today, hubs wanted to eat nasi kukus. It was a good day.

Right, im stopping with the ramblings now. Havent really planned for tomorrow yet except bringing H to the beach in the morning. It has been a while. Wanted to bring her to the pool but it's currently closed for renovation and only opening right before Hari Raya. Bummer -_-'
Got to plan more for the little kid. And yes, been cleaning my wardrobe and found some old clothes to be made into something! Feeling excited with the new project.

H playing with the bubbles while daddy cleaning the front porch.


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