Tuesday, August 13, 2013

.that special friend i once had.

i miss the good and bad times we used to have,
and how we fill in those rough times with laughter,
i miss the day we went to the fish shop instead of to a friend's engagement ceremony because the traffic was really bad,

i miss night rides in your car listening to songs of our favourite bands,
i miss hanging out with you just to chat about the things we do on that day, and laughing at your jokes,
i miss our cheese nan moments,
i miss our sotong bakar moments and nasi goreng moments,

i miss the random bowling fun we once had,
and following you whenever you're meeting your friends,
i miss our late night conversations on the phone rambling about stupid stuffs,
i miss the days i got to hang out at your work place,

i miss the times that you were always there for me when i needed you the most - always.. anytime, anywhere,

i miss you, old friend.
i really really do.
if i could turn back time, repeating those days would be in my list.

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