Friday, March 14, 2014

.some things are worth writing for.

i have left my blog for quite some time and i figured i should get back to it. i am not really into writing, but some things are worth writing for especially when i could read back and reminisce in the future. well, who knows.

Today i came back from work greeted happily by my loved ones- my husband & my child. we spent some time together chatting while i nursed my child and later watch her play with her toys and a big box i brought back for packing (yes, we're about to move into our own nest soon). As i watched her, i realised that she has grown a lot more than i remembered. she is taller & she's getting better at sentence construction! Obviously her vocabulary list has increased which most of the times amazed me and her dad. She is also getting better at playing. I love to see her talking to her stuffed friends with gestures and using variety of intonations. the best part is when she pretends one of it is her baby and nurse it happily. never knew breastfeeding could give such an impact to a litttld child.

and as i was getting ready for prayers, my heart melted to see my husband and my daughter talking to each other. such a beautiful relationship. I then told my husband that he is one lucky dad because not many daddies have the opportunity to stay at home looking after the children and spending time with them; to watch them grow to be exact. honestly, i envy every minute of it.

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