Wednesday, April 9, 2014

.hey, wonderful you!.

it is the ninth of april today. won't be long until my thirty first birthday, my child's second birthday and my husband's thirty third birthday which is in early of May. Ya Allah, Alhamdullillah atas rezeki Mu, ya Allah.

as i am writing this tonight, i am missing my husband so much. we're only five minutes away (oh well, he's at my parents' old house while daughter and i are at the new house with my mum and sister. we're in the middle of moving into the new house).

okay, getting back to the story, i hate, totally hate being away from him. i know and i do agree with some people who say that being away from each other once in a while contributes to a healthy relationship. yes, in my case i couldn't agree more. In this kind of situation, it makes me look back at how we started, what we have gone through, the ups and downs, the fights, the arguments, the cuddles, the hugs and the kisses. and i will start to appreciate every single thing that we have gone through. It makes me love him more and cherish our marriage. he is truly a wonderful man, Alhamdullillah.

i may not be lavished with gold and diamonds, presents and money (not that i care) but i have all his love and time that nothing can be compared with (oh yes, sorry if it sounds cheesy to you) we spend most of our time together as a family and loving every second of it. we do things together, we make and build things together, we talk, we argue and we try our best not to go to bed angry. so far in this marriage, the longest time we're angry (or not talking) to each other is no longer than two hours. In my case, i just can't, no matter how angry i am at him sometimes, i cannot sulk for more than that. we will eventually work things out together, forgive and forget.

Oh dear, i am super sleepy now been dropping my phone on my face a couple of times, already! I might just continue tomorrow!

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