Friday, April 11, 2014


re-read my previous post just now and i thought it ended really funny. but, who cares because i don't. i did said i might continue but i don't think so now. it just feels different now.

anyway, today has been a little bit productive. woke up early, made daughter banana-strawberry smoothie as requested by her as soon as we came downstairs. then prepared fried bee hoon for brunch and did the laundry too. husband came down not long after and we all hung out in front of the tv for a little while and then started sorting and packing things into the boxes and finally filling them up in the car.

I just cannot wait to move into the new place. the excitement is overwhelming. i think Hayfa is getting the idea too despite being a little bit confused of being here and there. there are heaps of things to do! blaming myself for being a hoarder now i have lots of things to organise. and moving to a way smaller house is definitely a challenge when you can't fit in most of the current furniture and other home stuffs. hence the garage sale this weekend, insyaAllah. i hope everything that i don't need will be gone. we were told by the landlord not to leave anything in the house.

it's almost 3am and i should force myself to sleep. there are still a lot more to pack and i really hope eveything will be fine tomorrow, insyaAllah.

these photos were taken after maghrib prayers today.

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