Sunday, February 15, 2015

.doing this again.

my husband has always been a loyal reader here. last week he suddenly suggested that i start to write again especially now that many things have been happening in our lives. at first i thought it is going to be impossible as i am busy at work during the day and there are always things to do when i get back home and i always fall asleep with little Hayfa as i read to her or while putting her to bed. i usually lie down with her and we talk about the day or she'll listen to me 'berzikir' until she falls asleep. And i always ask Adi to wake me up in case i fall asleep so i can do some school or house work but he said i rarely wake up. i am always exhausted after a long day. we are now enjoying our lives doing lots of things together. as Hayfa is growing up and i am now in my 30th week of pregnancy, a lot has changed. apart from living our daily lives, we are now preparing for a new family member! and it is a boy! insyaAllah. well, we went for a 4D scan last two days to confirm the gender as well as doing the rest of other check ups. it was amazing to see him and my, he looks exactly like Hayfa when we had our 4D scan of her! the nose is a little bit different but the mouth and eyes and facial features are almost the same. Hayfa was thrilled to see her baby brother on the computer but still insisted that she is the 'adik' instead of 'kakak'. sometimes she is showing as if she is ready to have a sibling but most of the times she just says she doesn't want a brother or sister. i hope when the baby comes, she knows what is happening. syukur Alhamdullillah for this rezeki. i wish i could write more but i am suddenly feeling very sleepy. it is twenty past two in the morning and i really need to head for the bed. there are so many things to do before our balik kampung trip on Monday and i should get enough rest. cant really stay in the bed for so long in the morning because Hayfa is an early riser! she'll start making requests once she opens her eyes! good night. i promise i will write more tomorrow.